How To Help Your Employees Reach Their New Year Goals


As the new year approaches, it’s time to have a conversation about new year goals. We are all setting the goals that will make us more successful in 2020. How do you support your employees and help them reach their work and life goals in the new year? Here are some practical tips that will help you understand where your employees want to be so you can help them succeed.

Sit Down With Your Employees And Address Their Work And Life Goals For The New Year

First, you want to sit down with your employees and address their work and life goals. Where do they see 2020 taking them? Work out a few SMART goals that they can accomplish throughout the year. SMART goals are great because they are specific goals that you can measure with a deadline. By using the SMART goals system, your employees will have a framework for success that they can’t get by creating general goals.

Focus On Specific, Short-Term Goals Instead Of General, Long-Term Goals

As much as we’d like to see where our employees’ heads are long-term, most people don’t plan five or ten years in the future. Things are always changing, and as much as your employees would like to give you concrete answers, creating a career development plan can be difficult.

Make sure that you spend most of your time planning short term goals. Address long-term goals if the conversation leans that way, but don’t spend all your time talking about them. Short-term goals feel more concrete and approachable. All goals intertwine, but sometimes its best to focus on what’s right ahead of you.

Host A Goal-Setting Workshop

If you can’t sit down with each employee individually, consider hosting a goal-setting workshop. Gather your employees and work on setting specific SMART goals as a group. Setting up a group goal-setting workshop is the perfect way to brainstorm goal ideas while connecting anyone who has the same goals on your team.

Assign Accountability Buddies To Help Everyone Stay On Target

We all work better when we have someone to hold us accountable. Assigning accountability buddies for your employees gives them someone to connect with on their journey and helps them achieve their goals. While you can’t help every employee at every step, an accountability partner can fill in the gaps and help more consistently.

Accountability partners should be working toward similar goals. Where do your employees want to go this year? How can you connect them with another employee who is devoting their energy to a related cause?

Build A Collaborative Work Culture

If you want accountability partners to work, you need to build a collaborative work culture. Working one-on-one with another employee and rooting for them to win isn’t easy in a competitive work environment. Understand how your employees think about collaboration over competition and assure them that teamwork will take your company further than cutthroat competition.

Make Mentorship A Regular Program, Not Just For Onboarding

Next, you need to make mentorship a regular program. Companies often use mentoring when an employee first joins the company, but this comes to a screeching halt once the employee has been with the company for 90 days. Mentorship is not just for onboarding. All of your employees can benefit from consistent mentorship.

Create a mentorship program that makes sense. If weekly meetings become challenging, create a monthly mentorship program for older employees instead. All of your employees would benefit from connecting with a wiser employee once a month.

Celebrate Your Wins

Next, you should celebrate your employees and their wins along the way. If you don’t take time to celebrate your successes along the way, working towards new year goals can become challenging. Instead of enjoying the progress, you can become obsessed with hitting the next target instead. Make sure your team is taking the time to enjoy the work too.

Create A Wall Of Wins

If you have some space in your office, create a wall of successes to celebrate your employees and their hard work. Print off the emails you get, certificates/awards won, etc. Whatever makes sense for the team to see. Creating a wall of wins is excellent because it provides motivation that everyone can see. Everyone wants to be on the wall, and if they’re on the wall already, it gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Celebrate Wins During Every Meeting

Take time at the beginning of each meeting to address wins and start your meeting on a positive note.

Provide Incentives For Those Who Win

Last, you could consider providing incentives for employees who reach their new year goals at the end of the year. You could provide incentives like bonuses, paid time off, or even products like iPads.

Don’t Forget About Stretch Goals

While goals are incredible, it’s essential to realize that we often underestimate ourselves. Creating stretch goals or assignments can be a fantastic way to make your employees more productive. For some of their goals, assign a stretch goal they can reach for once they meet their current target. If their current goal is to make $500,000 in sales, consider a stretch goal that gets them thinking about making $750,000 in sales this year. Stretch assignments aren’t required, but they can help your employees dream bigger and reach further than they ever imagined.

Accept Feedback From Employees Along The Way

Last, you want to accept feedback from your employees along the way. Understand the type of support they need from you. How can you help them reach their goals more efficiently? What programs do they love? Which programs don’t resonate? Accepting feedback helps you create better programs so you can reach company and employee goals. Check-in with your employees frequently so you can make strategic changes along the way that moves everyone forward.


Everyone sets new year goals and resolutions, but it can be challenging to followthrough. Your employees will feel motivated to succeed with the right support from you and their coworkers. Are you ready for a new year filled with goal-setting success?