WorkBright’s commitment to diversity with multi-language onboarding

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Evolving onboarding with multi-language support

WorkBright recognizes the challenges encountered by non or EAL (English as another language) speakers in the hiring process, so we’re proud to introduce the initial phase of our sustained commitment to multi-language onboarding.

The WorkBright app and all federal hiring forms now offer comprehensive Spanish-language support, with additional forms and languages coming in the future.

Why this matters for you and your new hires

  1. Enhanced accessibility: Completing mandatory government forms like the W-4, W-9, and I-9 can be daunting for those not proficient in English. Our new feature provides Spanish translations that ensure new hires can independently and accurately complete these complex documents. 
  2. Compliance without compromise: Although federal regulations require these forms to be in English, WorkBright offers a unique solution to assist non-native English speakers.  Our Spanish offering presents your employees with a translated in-app experience while transcribing their inputs onto the required English-language forms. This means no compliance worries for you and a user-friendly process for your employees.
  3. Empowering your diverse team: The introduction of Spanish-language support is just the beginning. We are committed to extending this feature to include all of your hiring forms and to expanding translation capabilities into additional languages.

Now live for Growth tier customers

The Spanish translation feature is now available to all Growth tier customers. Onboarding employees will find a language toggle at the bottom of the WorkBright app, allowing them to seamlessly switch to Spanish.

If you’re on a different pricing plan, please get in touch with your WorkBright representative or email us at to get access to this functionality.

More multi-language support on the horizon

Our introduction of Spanish-language support marks a significant first step, but it’s just the start of our broader vision. We are excited to continue expanding translation capabilities, ensuring every employee, regardless of language proficiency, feels valued and supported from day one.