2022 B-Corp Impact Summary

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A Note From Leadership

In the past year, our team made great strides in fostering a culture centered around accountability, transparency, and generosity. We provide a supportive work environment, have clear goals, and maintain a growth mindset. Of equal importance is the impact of our business practices on our employees, customers, communities, and the environment. This selflessness extends beyond our work lives as we challenge each other to improve our health and well-being and to serve our families and the greater community.

I’m thoroughly pleased with the progress we have made since obtaining our B Corp Certification in 2021 and immensely proud of the impact this has had in our local communities. I can’t wait to discover what doors will be unlocked through our commitment to completing B Corp initiatives. We’ll keep you informed as we march down this path of intention, purpose, and sustainability. We sincerely appreciate your support and know that we could not do what we do without every one of you.

Mark Lackey,
B Corp Impact Leader

2022 B-Corp Leaders

I want to acknowledge the outstanding work of our 2022 B Corp Leaders. These employees owned the focus area, facilitated all progress, and created annual reporting. The tremendous progress we made this year would not have been possible without the dedicated work of these folks –

Gina Civic Engagement, Charitable Giving & Activism Leader
Whitney Employee Development and Engagement Leader
Morgan Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Leader
Dave P Supplier Relations Leader
Tracy/Lauren Marketing Leader
Mario Health & Wellness Leader
David S Stakeholder Engagement Leader & Environmental Management Leader
B Corp Leaders hands tree

WorkBright guiding principles

Our Core Values guide us as we pursue this mission at WorkBright.
Living our core values

As our core values form the underpinnings of all we do, employees select a team member who has lived a particular value in an exemplary fashion each quarter.

I want to acknowledge these standouts for 2022 – 

  • Trusted guide (Q1) – Connor
  • Dependable ally (Q2) – Lauren
  • Caring peer (Q3) – Gina
  • Thoughtful listener (Q4) – Garrett

Our Impact

As a B Corp pending certification, we are held accountable for balancing our purpose and profit as we consider our impacts on all stakeholders. This summary reports on our progress as we work to prioritize our purpose and become more socially and environmentally responsible. It updates our impact in 2022 on our customers & their staff, our team, our community, and the Planet. It will serve as the benchmark for subsequent annual reports so that we can measure our progress and continue to chart our path forward.

2022 KPIs

Customers & Their Staff
Our team

Our community
The planet

2022 initiative highlights

Health & wellness
workbright health wellness

Our “Health and Wellness” challenges have significantly impacted our company culture and employee engagement. By breaking down departmental walls and creating cross-functional teams, we have fostered collaboration and improved organizational communication.

Our “Get Outside” challenge encouraged employees to spend time in nature and engage in physical activity, which was particularly successful with over 75% participation. This challenge not only improved the health and well-being of our employees but also fostered a sense of community and teamwork.

workbright get outside

December’s wellness challenge was “Competitive Kindness,” which asked that we perform good deeds for those around us. We saw staff participate in various ways, such as complimenting a stranger, leaving a large tip for restaurant wait staff, picking up trash, and donating blood.

Our virtual wellness challenges have been a valuable initiative in our B Corp journey, and we remain committed to offering various engaging programs to encourage healthy behaviors and promote an optimal work-life balance

Stakeholder engagement

In 2022, our Stakeholder Advisory Board moved forward with 11 participants, including customers, employees, investors, board members, contractors, non-profit partners, and HR industry experts. This was not a product advisory group but a gathering to help us be the best corporate citizens possible while simultaneously providing members the most value and benefit. The group helped us think about long-term issues of importance to each stakeholder. Stakeholders were engaged individually for 30-minute meetings to seek their thoughts and feedback.

Common themes across all stakeholders

  • Growth – Employees and customers alike are excited about the engineering and product development acceleration associated with increased growth rate, further allowing the development of solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Stability – A high value is placed on the company’s profitability as a differentiator and a key stabilizing factor in rapid growth.
  • Opportunity – Employees are looking forward to increasing opportunities for career development as the company grows.
  • Transparency – All conversations highly valued the historic and continued transparency in communication.
  • People-centric – Stakeholders remain fully invested in growing great leaders who manage and value balance and sustainability while giving back and growing the company.
Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI)

We had a successful company-wide training session focussed on cultural awareness. To do this training, we all created a name tag with items that defined our cultural items, including but not limited to– family, location, religion, orientation, and anything else we believe culturally shaped us. We then gathered as a company and participated in a Zoom share of our name tags and why we chose the items we did. To wrap up, we played a game that involved finding items related to your name tag and sharing a story about them with the group.

Our 2022 JEDI goals
Employee development and engagement
  • Employees were surveyed to gauge their interest across various areas for extended learning opportunities. The resulting information will assist with planning relevant learning and development opportunities moving forward.
  • Each new employee was provided with formal B Corp training, including a walk-through of our B Corp handbook as part of the training and introductory process.
  • Employees were regularly reminded and encouraged to apply for and utilize their professional and personal development grants. A formal application process was implemented, and thanks to an outstanding performance from our sales team this year, we extended the personal grant to not one but two employees, Kelcie Stewart and Mario Rodriguez! After completing the ‘75 Hard’ challenge, Kelcie will be headed to Wisconsin with her husband to participate in the Tough Mudder competition, where she’ll be put to the test in a 10k race filled with obstacles that test strength and endurance! In contrast, after a difficult year and surviving many challenges, Mario will be enjoying well-deserved time spent in Sedona, Arizona, taking a tour of the area via bus and participating in a chakra healing meditation experience. Congratulations team! 
  • Hosted a quarterly lunch and learn series featuring diverse topics such as a presentation by our B Corp consultant, discussions on agile project management, a collaborative planter arranging session, and insights into self-care and stress management via EFT.
workbright employee development
  • WorkBright averaged well over our 4.6/6 goal in every Q12 result related to employee satisfaction. We ended with an average of 5.69, or 94.8%, for overall employee satisfaction—our highest number yet!
Supplier relations

In 2022, we aimed to survey all major vendors to learn more about their commitment to like-minded social and environmental initiatives. While we did send our questionnaire to all vendors, we received very little response. It’s evident that established vendors have less of a desire to respond to optional surveys, and it further supports the need to survey prospective vendors before engagement while we have their attention and they are eager to win our business.

Environmental management

Our team gathered to volunteer at a local Denver community garden to build needed resources for the gardeners. The team also learned about the importance of community gardens and the structures that have evolved to support them locally and nationally.

workbright environmental management

Moreover, we disseminated seasonally relevant content bi-monthly to all employees, emphasizing efforts to minimize our environmental footprint and reduce energy consumption.

Finally, Workright has continued to partner with NativeEnergy to fully offset our emissions, once again making the company carbon neutral in 2022.


Receiving our official B Corp certification this year was an honor, and we shared our ongoing commitment through our website, social networks, and the BHive. In addition, our marketing content was regularly reviewed to ensure that it reflects our commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) and strong company values.

On our website, we added a section for our impact, highlighting our commitment to good through our B Corp Summary.

We offered a discount to all fellow B Corp companies to help support this incredible community via the BHive.

We continually update employee photos on the website to highlight our company’s inclusive culture and celebrate diversity.

We ensure that all job postings reference our commitment to creating and maintaining an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable environment for all.

workbright marketing
workbright marketing
workbright marketing
Civic engagement, charitable giving & activism

We are caring peers At WorkBright, our caring peer core fosters an ongoing commitment to prioritizing the needs of those around us. This principle underscores the importance of recognizing individuals as people first, enabling us to serve one another, our customers, and our community with pride.

Charitable partner partnership

WorkBright selected Bridge House as our 2021 to 2023 charitable partner. Bridge House provides various services and programs to support adults experiencing homelessness through supportive living situations and job training in the culinary arts or landscaping. Activities and opportunities to volunteer in person continued to be somewhat limited as a result of the pandemic, but as a company, we were able to continue to support Bridge House by –

giving back with bridge house
Partnership with the WorkBright wellness committee

This year, we combined efforts with the Health & Wellness Committee to encourage kindness, giving, and volunteering. After all, it’s been proven that engaging in charitable activities benefits your well-being!

Through our team efforts, we were able to –

Employee volunteering time
  • Employees at WorkBright are encouraged to prioritize time to volunteer and are allotted 8 hours of paid time off each quarter. 
  • 2022 opened up many opportunities to rejoin community members in person and participate in activities to support those around us. 
  • The WorkBright team significantly contributed to our communities with over 398 hours volunteered – a 10% increase in hours from 2021.
volunteer hours
Featured volunteering stories
City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Park
At the Aspen Academy in Colorado
Can’d Aid organization

Additionally, throughout 2022, WorkBright employees impacted 35 other organizations with efforts that include ministry and youth advocacy, volunteer coaching for a youth t-ball organization, mentorship and support for small businesses, backpack delivery to underprivileged students, and more!

Benchmarking for future impact

This impact summary also covers the challenges we faced and specific goals we have for the future. Our four impact areas will continue to guide our vision as we plan for our future as a certified B Corp. As a team, we are thrilled with how much positive impact we have made so far, and we’re eager to improve and continue our impact journey. Here are the results of our goals set for the year and our target going forward.

Customers & their staff
Stakeholder engagement
  • 2022 results
    • Create a new slate of 2022 Stakeholder Advisory Group members ✅
    • Set up 1 – 1 deep dive interviews with each stakeholder and summarize learning into a document shared with the company ✅ 
  • 2023 goals
    • Connect with each stakeholder at least three times and share key learnings with the company.
    • Establish a group of customer advocates to help shape product development, market positioning, and drive innovation.
Our Team
Our community

enivronment trees
The planet