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Get Smart About Your I-9 Exposure

Get smart about I-9 audits and compliance! Learn about the audit process, infraction types, violation penalties, and how to minimize risk in an audit.
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Form I-9 Changes & Audit Trails

We invited our friends from Cura HR to discuss allowable changes on Form I-9 and how to properly document them in this 30-minute webinar.
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HR Tech to Tackle Compliance Challenges

Join our webinar to learn how WorkBright's Mobile Vaccination and Testing Tracker (MVATT) simplifies compliance with DHA's virtual I-9 reconciliation and OSHA's employee vaccination status standards.
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ATS Applicant Tracking System Webinar

Streamline hiring with the WorkBright ATS! Use this Applicant Tracking System for faster hiring, better candidates and lower acquisition costs.
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RetroTax: Unlocking Hidden Tax Incentives

Learn about available tax incentive programs for hiring eligible employees with experts at RetroTax.
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Background Checks 101 Video Webinar Event

What should you check in a background check and why? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this recorded webinar event Presented by WorkBright and Proforma.
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Rehiring Furloughed Workers Video

This webinar recording will cover what documents are needed, what to do if you are unable to bring back an employee, rehiring an employee into a different position or at a different rate and how to deal with cultural implications.
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Building A Contingent Engine Video

A webinar recording presented by Dave Secunda, CEO of WorkBright. The presentation gives a 360 degree view of how the temporary workforce can transform your business.
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3 Strategies to Ignite Employee Referrals Video

This webinar recording covers the value of employees referrals, statistics, and how to build a referral tool kit.
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Retaining Your Best Seasonal Employees Video

A webinar event recording for HR professionals who have cyclical hiring needs.
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E-Verify 101 What You Need to Know Video

A webinar covering E-Verify. This presentation from 2019 will walk you through the history, enforcement, mistakes to avoid, best practices and the process automation of E-Verify.
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WorkBright Onboarding Videos

Vaccination and Testing Tracker Demo

Watch this brief snippet from a recent webinar where we show a live demonstration of WorkBright’s MVATT (Mobile Vaccination and Testing Tracker) in action!
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Reboarding Employees using the Rehire Wizard

Reboarding employees is easy with WorkBright's Employee Rehire Wizard! Update employee's profile and forms and assign new forms if needed.
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Remote I-9 Authorized Rep Instructional Video

A quick Remote I-9 instructional video for Authorized Reps who are using WorkBright's Remote I-9 functionality!
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Remote I-9 Legal Questions and Answers Video

A Legal Q&A regarding I-9 verification and WorkBright's Remote I-9 solution.
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Remote I-9 Verification and OCR Video

WorkBright's Remote I-9 module highlights including OCR technology.
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Paperless Onboarding Benefits Video

A client shares how onboarding paperwork for new employees has become faster and easier using WorkBright and it's mobile interface.
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Remote I-9 Overview Video

See how easy it is to verify Form I9 using WorkBright's Remote I-9 functionality!
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WorkBright Quick Look Video

WorkBright Onboarding Software overview. Helping HR professionals to get back to managing people, not paper.
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