Paperless HR has arrived.


Get rid of paperwork and give your new hires a better first day
with our 100% digital onboarding solution.

Cameraphone Upload
Fingertip Signatures
Automated Reminders
Unlimited Form Sets
Payroll Integration

Automated. Easy. Accessible.

Paperless System
Onboarding has gone digital with WorkBright’s paperless system saving your company the work and space needed for filing new hire paper work.
Painless Data Entry
For every new hire added to the system, an email is automatically sent welcoming them to their unique dashboard which is preloaded with all applicable forms for onboarding. Employees can fill out and e-sign their paperwork from home before their first day.
Real Time and Secure
Data forwarded by the employee is saved in a secure 256-bit AES encrypted data center and the employer dashboard is updated in real time providing you a snapshot of requirements needed by government agencies.

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Save 5x the cost of onboarding a new employee!

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding Solution

“My single biggest success as it applies to the Corporate Stores from this past year was achieved with the help of WorkBright. I’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to set up and onboard a new employee to less than 2 minutes which frees me up to do the other parts of my job that I am passionate about.”

–Noel Tufano, HR Manager/Recruiter, Edible Arrangements