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WorkBright streamlines form collection to get your new team members on the job in a quick, compliant, and 100% remote process.

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Leading the way to your next great hire

HR tools built for small and medium businesses

Hiring staff has gotten too complicated, so we created WorkBright to handle the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that slow down the process. WorkBright’s HR
software guides both HR teams and new hires through a fast and intuitive process, getting your amazing people to work faster.

Laser-Focused on Forms

10 million documents and counting

We’ve helped nearly a million employees start jobs at 500+ businesses. Here are a few organizations that trust WorkBright with their hiring process.


“Using WorkBright has saved us days and even Months of time! Everyone we worked with was extremely professional and upbeat.”

Here’s why we do what we do.

SOS Outreach - Heather Rogers
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp, Nonprofit, Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - better reporting and tracking, time-savings, print everything old process, easy online access, remote I-9
United AG and Turf - Neal Opatkiewicz
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Retail Hiring Type - Continual Highlights - 500+ employees, merger with multiple locations, easy simple process, electronic signatures, saved days and months of time, extremely professional and upbeat to work with
Toole's Garage - Mark Berger
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Services, Auto Repair, Hiring Type - Continual Highlights - easy, fast, paperless, remote - virtual onboarding, multiple locations
Independence Township - Rachel Thompson
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Government, Parks & Rec, Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - 100 full-time employees and 60+ seasonal, paperwork done before 1st day, time-saving, easy online from phone, E-Verify integration
Geneva Glen Camp - Reid McKnight
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - Transitioning from mail was 80% of his job during hiring season, Streamlining process, ease of use for hires, internal forms, background checks
Wisconsin Lions Foundation - Andrea Yenter
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - great mobile functionality, streamlining application process, 25% faster over last year
Testimonial - Boy Scouts Cascade Pacific Council - Chris Herold
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Scouts Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - 5 different camps, intuitive centralized hr that flows
Camp Loucon - Christina Harting
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - Uses WorkBright ATS & Onboarding, everything in one place, great candidate experience
NC United Methodist Camps - Dail Ballard
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - eliminates paper, work more efficiently, improved engagement
Mountain Camp - Kamren Johnson
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - User friendly for new hires, sending reminders, organization of HR files, Mobile upload
Testimonial - Girl Scouts of San Gorgio - Kristina Sewell
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Scouts Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - Transitioning from paper world, millenial hires, automated reminders, saved hundreds of hours
Triple C Camps - Libby Rothenberg
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - 75 employees, used to take 80-90 hours and now takes less than 3 hours, one stop solution
Testimonial - Educational Learning Opportunities - Lissa White
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Education, Staffing Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - She didn't have HR background and WorkBright made her feel confident, easy to learn and navigate (note: video freezes temporarily but audio is uninterrupted)
Camp Olympia - Madison Flowers
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Camp Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - Did a lot of research online and chose WB to save time and put everything online, easy to work with, custom forms
Testimonial - John Bull Ltd. - Naballieu King
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Clothing, Retail Hiring Type - Ongoing Highlights - 600 employees, needed organization and followup, uses WB every day, easy followup and reminder emails
Testimonial - Foothills Park and Recreation District - Amber Stowe
WorkBright Onboarding Testimonial Industry - Government, Parks & Rec, Hiring Type - Seasonal Highlights - 150 employees, Time-savings, paper heavy old process, licensing and auditing
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“Allowing caregivers to complete their paperwork on their phones and take pictures of documents has made it easy to get in on time”


workbright secret sauce

WorkBright’s Secret Sauce

Here’s what sets us apart from other HR software

  1. Work Anywhere: 100% Remote Process – Complete all hiring forms from anywhere using Smart Forms & Remote I-9
  2. Be Supported: Best-in-Class Care – Personalized and responsive support from our in-house customer success team
  3. Enjoy Convenience: Tech-inclusive – WorkBright Smart Forms are easy to complete on any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  4. Harness The Power: Customizable – Granular control of all forms, fields, reports, and admin permissions
  5. Stress Less: Audit-Ready – Data is auto-stamped with time, date and IP creating a hands-free tracking trail for auditors 
  6. Rest Assured: 60-Day Guarantee – Receive a 100% refund if you decide to discontinue using the platform
filling-out-new-hire-paperwork A strong employee onboarding experience can improve retention by 82%

Learn strategies to keep your best people in our free eBook!

Retaining Your Best Employees

Let us handle the boring stuff…

Email Reminders

WorkBright reminds new staff about upcoming form deadlines automatically

Check for Tax Credits

Collect information to screen new staff for valuable government incentives

Make Adjustments in Mass

Edit data for multiple employees , upload batches of new staff members, and multi-sign batches of Form I-9 Section 2

Monitor Hiring Progress

WorkBright Dashboard shows only the most important and action-oriented information you need

Report & Export Data

Robust reporting tools let you quickly organize and export custom segments of hiring data

Transfer Information

Open API, data import/export, and a growing list of native software integrations make WorkBright a naturally fit into your app ecosystem

Let us handle the boring stuff…

Getting started with WorkBright is easy.

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Resources for the journey ahead

Onboarding Best Practices

A guide to help choose technology when transitioning from a traditional employee onboarding process to a virtual onboarding solution.

Security In HR

An exploration in to the modern day security challenges HR professionals face. Plus tips and training tools to keep yourself and your employees safe.

Recruiting With Social

Explore how the digital age has changed the game of recruiting and how you can leverage social media channels to drive your candidate pipeline.

Retain Your Best Employees

Hear how the best seasonal employers have implemented process to identify their best employees and ensure they keep coming back, year-over-year.

Build Custom Notification Workflows with Zapier

Enhance Efficiency with Custom Notifications You can now use Zapier to trigger email notifications when certain events happen in WorkBright, allowing instant visibility for key...

WorkBright Announces Chapelle Ryon as CEO

Boulder, 1/3/2023. WorkBright announced today that Chapelle Ryon has been appointed new CEO. An experienced business leader, Ryon will succeed founder David Secunda and assume...

WorkBright Proudly Announces Prestigious B Corp Certification

Pioneer in remote employee onboarding technology earns one of the highest recognitions of socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Boulder, CO, September 27, 2022 — WorkBright,...

What Triggers an I-9 Audit?

Going through the process of an I-9 audit can be tedious, overwhelming, and stressful. However, knowing what triggers an I-9 audit can help your organization...

Text Notifications To Improve Staff Onboarding Speed

BOULDER, CO, September 7 – PR Newswire – WorkBright, the digital onboarding platform for empowering people to get to work, today announced Text Notifications. Text messages...

I-9 Penalties, The True Cost

I-9 penalties can hold more than just hefty fines for employers. Although the fines alone can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, I-9 penalties...

Ruby Receptionist and Chat Service Saves over 100 hrs Using Remote I-9

CASE STUDY The easy path to Working Brighter. A WorkBright Success Story. Amanda (Self-Proclaimed HR Tech Nerd) Saves 104 Hours a Year on I-9 Management...

Bellator Real Estate gains a system to onboard independent agents

a WorkBright success story Client: Bellator Real Estate & Development Industry: Real Estate Hiring Type: Hires Continuously Primary Pain Point: Onboarding independent agents across seven...

Industrial Threaded Products gains a mobile and compliant onboarding system

  a WorkBright success story Client: Industrial Threaded Products Industry: Manufacturing Hiring Type: Hires Continuously Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees while staying compliant and across...

Allied Employer Group gains an onboarding system that streamlines their processes

a WorkBright success story Client: Allied Employer Group Industry: Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Hiring Type: Hires Continuously Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees quickly and efficiently...

Covenant College gains an effective Remote I-9 and onboarding system

a WorkBright success story Client: Covenant College Industry: Higher Education Hiring Type: Hires Continuously Primary Pain Point: Onboarding students and staff efficiently with social distance...

Toole’s Garage gains an onboarding system to match their excellent reputation

a WorkBright success story Client: Toole’s Garage Industry: Auto Repair, Services Hiring Type: Hires Continuously Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees across shops as the company...

SOS Outreach gains an effective onboarding system for their growing nonprofit

a WorkBright success story Client: SOS Outreach Industry: Camp, Nonprofit Hiring Type: Hires Seasonally Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees and mentors on the same platform....

Hospitality client gains peace of mind during an I-9 audit

a WorkBright success story Client: Anonymous Hotel Client Industry: Hospitality Hiring Type: Hires Continuously     How WorkBright Helped Worked with our team to share...

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Data that Navigates Where You Need It

With WorkBright, you don’t have to ditch your other systems. Our developer-friendly API enables your technical team to integrate WorkBright into existing ATS, ERP, HRIS or Payroll systems.

HR Software Integration


  • Sensitive data stored using bank-­grade 256­-bit AES encryption and unique master key.
  • Account passwords stored using one­-way encryption so no exposure possible - even by us!

Audit Logs

  • Comprehensive audit logs cover all transactions, systems access, and network operations.
  • Monitored infrastructure 24×7 using a third­-party monitoring services and in-house tools.

Data Backups

  • Data automatically and continuously backed up to multiple, separate locations.
  • Daily backup records for 2 weeks back and point-in-time recovery when necessary.

Learn more about our data privacy and security protocols.

Privacy & Security FAQ

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