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Why WorkBright?
“Our clients say it Best”

We appreciate every one of our clients and are grateful when they take the time to share their experience and what features they find most useful. Here’s a quick video review from Mindy Yeager, a Staffing Director who is using WorkBright’s Remote Onboarding Software and its mobile capabilities to automate their company’s onboarding process throughout multiple locations.  A few perks she likes the most are the minimized paperwork time for her staff, automatic reminders and being able to have all the documents compliant and complete before the staff start date.

More Reasons To Love WorkBright

Applicant Tracking

  Post your open positions to hundreds of job boards

  Customize screening questions to filter applicants automatically

  Manage communication with applicants via text & email

E-Verify Integrated 

  Transfer employee data automatically after completing I-9

  Approved cases return completed case numbers to profile

  Easily view status of all cases from the E-Verify dashboard

Remote I-9

  Scan and transcribe I-9 documentation from a phone

  Allow a third-party authorized representative sign Section 2

  100% Federally compliant with audit trail and timestamps

Secured. Monitored. Restorable.

WorkBright’s Remote Onboarding Software is Rigorously engineered to the highest security standards


  • Sensitive data stored using bank-­grade 256­-bit AES encryption and unique master key.
  • Account passwords stored using one­-way encryption so no exposure possible – even by us!

Audit Logs

  • Comprehensive audit logs cover all transactions, systems access, and network operations.
  • Monitored infrastructure 24×7 using a third­-party monitoring services and in-house tools.

Data Backups

  • Data automatically and continuously backed up to multiple, separate locations.
  • Daily backup records for 2 weeks back and point-in-time recovery when necessary.

Learn more about our data privacy and security protocols.

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