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Whether you hire 50 or 15,000 people per year, WorkBright has you covered! Enter your estimated number of new hires per year and your number of employees in the boxes below to get an estimate of your WorkBright monthly price. And that’s not all... be sure to scroll down to see the return on your investment!

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We are confident that once you start onboarding with WorkBright you will never look back! That's why we back your investment with a full, 60-day moneyback guarantee.

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You’re here so we assume you already understand that a manual, paper-based onboarding process is a drain on personnel resources. However, have you considered the financial burden of your current process? Use the ROI calculator below to input some common variables and see how much your onboarding process is costing your organization in cold hard cash. We’ve inserted the industry standard variables, but feel free to adjust to account for your unique situation.

Based on the employees you are hiring, your savings THIS YEAR with WorkBright Onboarding would be:

Based on non-WorkBright industry standard $103 onboarding cost per employee
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How much administration time do you spend preparing an employees offer letter and compiling paperwork? Industry Average:1.75 Hours
How much time does it take employees to complete paperwork? Industry Average: 1.5 Hours
How much time do you spend ‘chasing down’ missing information, correcting forms, and entering information in to systems such as payroll? Indusry Average: 1.4 Hours
Per Employee Breakdown
Current Onboarding Cost Per Employee $
Savings Per Employee With WorkBright $

“My single biggest success as it applies to the Corporate Stores from this past year was achieved with the help of WorkBright. I’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to set up and onboard a new employee to less than 2 minutes which frees me up to do the other parts of my job that I am passionate about.”

-Noel Tufano, HR Manager/Recruiter. Edible Arrangements