Valentine’s Day Ideas For Work

Valentine’s Day ideas for work

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples anymore. The February celebration is often celebrated in the workplace, too. But it’s not all about the lovey-dovey stuff, like heart-shaped candies or romantic dinners. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the workplace can boost morale, creating a vibe of appreciation, kindness, and good relationships among colleagues.

Many companies might not realize how much Valentine’s Day can enhance the working atmosphere. Celebrations can lift everyone’s spirits, improve how teams work together, and make the office feel friendlier and more supportive.

So, why not mix it up with some fun Valentine’s ideas for work? It’s a great chance to strengthen those coworker bonds and get everyone feeling more engaged.
With that in mind, we wanted to share some simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your workplace so you can boost morale and celebrate your employees

Learn Their Love Language

Before you celebrate Valentine’s Day at work, you want to consider your employees and their love or appreciation language. There are five love languages, according to author Dr. Gary Chapman. You can use these languages in a variety of relationships, including with your colleagues and team. It’s important to realize that your employees will all feel appreciation in different ways. Here are the five love languages and how you can apply them at work.

Words Of Affirmation

Some people love being told they are appreciated. Letting these people know you value them makes a difference. Write it down, share your appreciation in meetings, write them a thoughtful LinkedIn recommendation, etc. Be considerate and choose your words carefully. You should always make sure that your words lift people up instead of tearing them down.

Quality Time

If you know someone who values quality time, see how you can create small moments at work with them. For example, saying hello to everyone in the morning, hosting check-in meetings, and mentoring someone who values quality time can make all the difference.

Acts Of Service

Helping out an employee can impact them more than you know. Take a few minutes each day to ask employees what they need help with. Hold some time in your day to be a sounding board, or use your connections to find someone who can help them.

Tangible Gifts

Some people love gifts, but they don’t have to be expensive. Getting someone a fun new pen, a gift card to their favorite store, or even crafting something yourself is a fantastic way to show appreciation for people who value tangible gifts.

Appropriate Physical Touch

Physical touch at work can be a touchy subject, but as long as you make sure the contact is appropriate, you should be okay. Quick hugs, high fives, or a pat on the back in appreciation are all thoughtful ways to practice appropriate physical touch at work. Above all else, read the cues from your employees or coworkers. If they look or act uncomfortable, stop contact.

Every Employee Is Different, But Don’t Show Favorites

You may not need to write a note to every employee because many employees won’t receive a note as appreciation. It’s essential to show up for your employees in a love language they can understand- but don’t show favorites! Find a way to juggle all the love languages and show everyone an equal amount of appreciation. Instead of guessing what love language appeals to your employees, ask them.

If you’re still wondering what to do, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Happy Hour

One of the most enjoyable and relaxed ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work is by organizing a Valentine-themed happy hour. This can be a time for employees to unwind and socialize in a less formal setting.

Things like Valentine’s Day-themed drinks, snacks, and decorations can add a festive touch to the occasion.


Valentine’s Day can also be an opportunity to focus on self-care and wellness. Organizing a wellness workshop, yoga session, or meditation class can be a fantastic way to encourage employees to take care of themselves, especially during stressful times.

Gift Exchange

Organizing Valentine’s for coworkers, similar to a Secret Santa, is a great approach to workplace celebrations. In this exchange, employees can draw names secretly and give each other small, thoughtful gifts.

Additionally, setting a modest budget for the gifts ensures everyone can chip in without financial strain or stress when thinking of Valentine’s ideas for coworkers.

The excitement of guessing a secret Valentine and the joy of receiving a personalized gift can significantly boost workplace morale, making Valentine’s Day at the office a memorable experience.

Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day at work presents an excellent opportunity to infuse the regular workday with creative and enjoyable activities. One Valentine’s Day work idea is to implement a themed dress code, encouraging employees to wear red, pink, or heart-patterned attire.

Additionally, organizing a Valentine’s Day quiz with fun facts about the holiday or questions about love-themed movies and songs can create an engaging and light-hearted competition among colleagues.

Share Traditions

Encouraging employees to share their personal Valentine’s Day traditions or cultural practices can be a meaningful way to celebrate diversity and learn more about each other in a deeper and more personal way.

This activity serves as an icebreaker and allows team members to connect on a more personal level, enhancing team bonding.


Valentine’s Day can also serve as a team-building opportunity. Consider organizing interactive activities like a Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunt or a contest for the best-decorated workspace. These activities encourage participation and engagement among all team members.

Employee Draw

Hosting an employee draw with small prizes is a fantastic way to bring fun and excitement to Valentine’s Day at work. This activity, tailored specifically for Valentine’s for employees, creates a buzz around the office, as everyone can win something special.

The range of prizes can be diverse. Gift cards can be a great option, allowing employees to choose their own gifts, whether a meal at a favorite restaurant, a shopping spree, or a subscription to a service they enjoy.

By organizing an employee draw, companies reinforce a positive workplace culture, making Valentine’s Day work an opportunity for employee recognition and enjoyment.

Valentine’s Day Snacks

We all love a tasty treat on Valentine’s Day. If you have some time, bake a bunch of snacks for the office. If you are running low on time, stores will have some cute Valentine’s Day-themed treats to purchase for the office.

Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day-themed snacks:

  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Brownies
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Donuts
  • Hot Chocolate

Homemade Valentines

Encouraging employees to create and exchange homemade Valentines is a charming way to add a personal and heartfelt touch to the office celebration. It allows everyone to tap into their creative side, perhaps crafting unique cards, writing personalized poems, or making small handmade gifts.

Creating something by hand for a colleague can be incredibly rewarding and foster a sense of camaraderie and appreciation among team members.

This also offers a pleasant diversion from the usual work routine. It can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience, allowing employees to momentarily step away from their day-to-day tasks and engage in a more artistic and enjoyable activity. This boosts morale and encourages a culture of creativity and innovation within the workplace.

Give goodie bags

Giving out goodie bags with treats and small tokens of appreciation can make employees feel valued and appreciated. These bags can include items like candy, personalized notes, or small gadgets.

Take personal time

Encouraging employees to take personal time on Valentine’s Day can be a considerate gesture. This allows individuals to celebrate the day in their own way, whether it’s with loved ones or some much-needed solitude.

By recognizing the importance of personal life and self-care, companies demonstrate respect for work-life balance, which is crucial for long-term employee satisfaction and productivity.

Provide office Valentine’s guidelines

Establishing guidelines for office Valentine’s celebrations ensures that all activities are inclusive and appropriate. This could involve setting boundaries on gift-giving, ensuring decorations are considerate of all employees, and encouraging activities that everyone can participate in.

Note of thanks

Do you remember in school when everyone would decorate a shoebox with hearts to take to school for Valentine’s Day? You would be so excited if you could get your parents to swing for the cool character cards with a heart-shaped sucker in them. Why don’t we do that anymore?

You can bring this tradition back. Get your employees to create a box for all of their Valentine’s Day notes. Assign employees a certain number of coworkers or ask them to write letters for all of their employees.

Writing notes can be rather time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of parents who are likely doing something similar for their kids. Exchanging Valentine’s Day notes will bring your employees a certain level of nostalgia, though.

Create a wall of appreciation

Sometimes, it’s hard to notice how appreciated everyone is when you are just saying it. Have you ever seen the physical representation of something and understood it so much more?

Dedicate a wall in your office as the “wall of appreciation” for Valentine’s Day. Create a bunch of heart-shaped cutouts on pink and red paper. Get every employee to write about someone in the office they appreciate. As employees fill out the hearts, tape them to the wall.

Let people add to the wall throughout the week and watch it grow. If you notice someone needs a little extra boost of appreciation, add a note to the wall in their honor. At the end of it all, hand-deliver the hearts to everyone who got one.

Desk decorating contest

Let everyone feel the love with a fun door or desk decorating contest. A decorating contest will get everyone’s spirits up. If big and busy offices, this contest will be a fantastic team bonding experience.

At the end of the contest, get someone like the CEO or a high-level executive to judge the competition. You can do something fun for the winner, like a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a movie theater.

Since decorating a door or desk can be kind of expensive, consider giving them their budget and the money to do it. For example, give everyone $20 to buy all their decor and materials.

Shakeup the next office Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your employees and coworkers how much you appreciate them. Pick a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work this year to make the workplace happier, shed the winter blues, and boost team morale.

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