Employee Onboarding: Modernized.

Nothing puts a damper on your first day like being greeted with a huge packet of hiring forms! That’s why we’ve designed a smarter process that eases the burden for HR teams and new employees alike.

WorkBright’s online onboarding software simplifies the hiring process for new employees by inviting them to complete their required forms from a phone, tablet or computer before they show up for their first day.

And hiring teams love that our software does the hard work! WorkBright checks data accuracy, reminds staff of upcoming deadlines, and organizes your hiring pipeline to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

employee onboarding software

“Reduce the time it takes to onboard employees,
spend more time doing the things you are
passionate about.”

Manage People Not Paper

For companies that are onboarding many employees per year, the administrative overhead of collecting huge packets of paperwork can be a time consuming, costly and daunting process. WorkBright’s online onboarding software simplifies the process by inviting employees to complete all of their paperwork online before day one from their phone, tablet or computer and allows you to manage everything from an intuitive dashboard.

electronic employee onboardingWith WorkBright you can spend your valuable time actually engaging during your employee onboarding process.


“The only employee onboarding system built from the ground up to work fluidly with the onboarding process needs of todays mobile, dispersed workforce.”

A Modern Onboarding Approach

WorkBright was designed to ease the burden of new hire paperwork for both the hiring team and new staff members. Our digital process gives the “huge stack of forms” process a modern makeover so that completing forms is fast, accessible, and intuitive. New staff receive an email when it’s time to fill out their new paperwork with everything they need to complete their assigned forms and upload required documents and certifications before their first day. 

On the administrative side, we designed WorkBright to minimize the repetitive and time-intensive tasks that encumbered HR admins in the paper era. We’ve redesigned the onboarding process so that distribution, collection, and review of onboarding documents fast and intuitive. When it comes to menial tasks, we say “let the robots do the hard work!”

Fast New Employee Setup

You can get a new employee set up in WorkBright in as little as one minute! Simply enter their name and email and then select which onboarding documents you’d like them to receive. WorkBright will send them their required documents via email (and follow-up with reminders to completed them before their first day!). For even faster entry, upload a .csv of staff members to add in bulk!

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“My single biggest success as it applies to the Corporate Stores from this past year was achieved with the help of WorkBright. I’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to set up and onboard a new employee to less than 2 minutes which frees me up to do the other parts of my job that I am passionate about. Now that I am out from under the paperwork, I can be more connected to the employees, company, and the culture we are building at Edible Arrangements.” – Noel Tufano, HR Manager, Edible Arrangements


Save Time and Money with Automation

The administrative time and cost for employee onboarding can be high as documented by many reports including a much cited Benchmark Report released by SHRM.  Many of those costs are attributed to the time spent managing and completing new employee onboarding paperwork.  WorkBright uses technology to minimize these inefficiencies with automation. Notifications and reminders are auto-generated for new employees for incomplete forms and incorrect information. These increase with frequency as the due date nears saving your HR team hours of administrative work. Many WorkBright clients have reduced the cost to onboard a new employee by as much as 8x!

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Employee Onboarding Software Feature Highlights

  • Made For Mobile
  • Fingertip Signature
  • Cameraphone Upload
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Remote I-9
  • Employee Error Resolution
  • Digital HR Filing Cabinet
  • Payroll Export
  • Field Level Reporting
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Applicant Tracking Integration
  • E-Verify Integration

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