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Onboard on the Fast Track


Onboard on the Fast Track

Tired of slow, complex hiring? Meet WorkBright—the advanced electronic onboarding software designed for efficiency, compliance, and ease.

WorkBright’s employee onboarding system has a simple goal: create the most efficient path between offer letter and employee’s first day. Leveraging nearly a decade’s worth of expertise, we’ve reduced onboarding time for clients eightfold.

What’s the secret? We simplify previously complex tasks or automate them completely. From handling Form I-9 to tracking down missing forms, our onboarding tools streamline the process so you’re always moving effortlessly forward.

Accelerate hiring with WorkBright.

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Streamline and Save with Automation

The cost and time investment for employee onboarding is high, as highlighted by SHRM’s widely-referenced Benchmark Report. Much of this stems from managing and completing paperwork.

WorkBright leverages technology to automate these processes. Our system auto-generates notifications and reminders for incomplete or incorrect forms, becoming more frequent as deadlines approach. This spares your HR team unnecessary administrative work.

Many WorkBright clients have cut their onboarding costs by up to 8x!

Streamline and Save
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Any Device

Not just ‘mobile-friendly’ but mobile first. Even complex documents like Form I-9 are a breeze on any phone or tablet.


Text or email reminders are automatically sent out to employees who have not completed their onboarding tasks with increasing urgency and frequency.


Our eSignatures allow employees to replicate their paper signature with a fingertip, including accompanying timestamp and IP address records.


We rebuild your hiring packet into a library of digital forms that are easy to complete on any device.


Snap pictures of certifications and documents and upload them directly from a phone or tablet. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scans and transcribes identity verification documents to save your new hires time and minimize data entry errors.


Powerful reporting tools let you quickly compile hiring data into actionable reports. Easily export or integrate the data with other systems through our open API.


Never get overwhelmed by what to do next–your hiring dashboard consolidates key onboarding information and time-sensitive actions.

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Allied Employer Group gains an onboarding system that streamlines their processes

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