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Managing HR paperwork and documentation for compliance in the heavily regulated construction industry can be painful, Overseeing a commonly transient workforce made up of contractors and employees across multiple construction sites brings its own set of unique challenges. Navigating compliance and employee engagement can start to feel like a minefield and become unmanageable. Having cost-effective construction HR software to manage onboarding paperwork is vital to staying compliant and remaining competitive.

HR Challenges In Construction Onboarding: – One Size Does Not Fit All

Specific to construction companies, the tedious, time-consuming headaches of  onboarding are amplified by the fact that you are often rapidly hiring skilled & unskilled laborers once a project has been approved. These headaches are often compounded further by the knowledge that all HR files including up-to-date certifications, safety training and other regulatory documentation will be subject to audits.

Construction Training, Regulation & Compliance Documentation

In all work environments, on-the-job-safety is a high priority but in the construction industry this is taken to a whole new level. Considering the construction industry comprises 20% of all worker fatalities each year, maintaining safe job sites is vital to productivity and minimizing risk. Many construction companies choose to deploy OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 safety training & certification on the job.

Unlike many other industries, construction companies are required to report annually to regulatory boards like the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) and EEOC (Equal Opportunity Employment Commission).

To track and maintain documentation and certifications, construction HR Managers are turning to technology to securely store data and access reporting with ease. Implementing employee onboarding software optimized for mobile use in the field has a big impact in simplifying construction compliance requirements.

Construction Onboarding Software Advantages – Mobile and Easy

Companies that take advantage of technology by using construction software designed to simplify employee and contractor onboarding have a substantial competitive edge.

Simplify. Savings. Security. Retention

WorkBright’s approach in designing our solution to help improve the process of onboarding new employees is focused on 3 main objectives:

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Used by construction companies across the United States and Canada

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Applicant Tracking

  Post your open positions to hundreds of job boards

  Customize screening questions to filter applicants automatically

  Manage communication with applicants via text & email

E-Verify Integrated 

  Automatically transfer employee data after completing I-9

  Approved cases return completed case numbers in seconds

  Easily monitor status of all E-Verify cases from the WorkBright dashboard

Remote I-9

 OCR technology scans and transcribes identity documents

  Allow a third-party authorized representative sign Section 2

  100% Federally compliant with audit trail and timestamps

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