Online Application & Candidate Tracking

Post open positions to hundreds of job boards and allow candidates to apply online!


  1. Set Up the Online Application: Each WorkBright ATS customer receives a custom, branded career page that utilizes your logo and colors, so candidates can apply online from a centralized portal.
  2. Post Jobs to Free or Paid Job Boards: Publish your job openings on WorkBright ATS and choose where you want them to appear. Over 500 free and/or paid job boards can be selected with just a few clicks.
  3. Screen Candidates: Preset questions relevant to the position can be set for automatic screening. Only those that past your initial test will be pushed through for 1:1 review.
  4. Distribute Information: We don’t charge by the number of users so you can add your entire hiring team to view, comment on, and rate potential candidates.
  5. Hire Your New Employee: Track where various managers are in the hiring process and view feedback until the best candidate is selected and hired into your organization.
  6. Onboard: Seamless integration with WorkBright digital onboarding brings over all the relevant information about your new employee so they can sign offer letters and start filling out their new hire paperwork!


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  • The ATS component of our solution is a third party solution called AppPro. We call this “WorkBright ATS”.

  • We choose AppPro because we feel that the features serve our existing customers extremely well.

  • We requested and received a Security Assessment from AppPro that met our security expectations for a partner at the time of review.

  • We have a thorough Data Processing Agreement in place with AppPro that details how all of your data will be safeguarded.

  • ATS and Onboarding are integrated which means that when you decide to hire someone, you can initiate Onboarding from within the ATS which will then move all of the relevant information into the Onboarding module to prevent double entry.

  • You will have a separate login for the ATS and the Onboarding systems.

  • ATS Support will be initiated through WorkBright, but will be provided by AppPro staff.