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Post open positions to hundreds of job boards and allow candidates to apply online!


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“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace!” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

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Find Candidates with Ease & Hire Instantly with Integrated Application & Onboarding!

macbookair_880x500How It Works: 

  1. Set Up the Online Application – Each WorkBright ATS customer receives a custom, branded career page that looks identical to your website so candidates can apply online directly from your website.
  2. Post Jobs to Free or Paid Job Boards – Publish your job openings on WorkBright ATS and choose where you want them to appear. Over 500 free and/or paid job boards can be selected with just a few clicks. 
  3. Screen Candidates – Preset questions relevant to the position can be set for automatic screening, only those that past your initial test will be pushed through for 1:1 review.
  4. Distribute Information – We don’t charge by the number of users so you can add your entire hiring team to view, comment on, and rate potential candidates.
  5. Hire Your New Employee – Track where various managers are in the hiring process and view feedback until the best candidate is selected and hired into your Organization.
  6. Onboard – Seamless integration with WorkBright digital onboarding brings over all the relevant information about your new employee so they can sign offer letters and start filling out their new hire paperwork!

Take a Look Inside:

Feature Highlight: Reference Checks


Streamline reference checks by allowing candidates to enter contact information as part of the online application!

Our platform enables you to easily send out questions via email requesting information about the specific candidate. Responses via email or phone notes are the associated and stored with the candidate in the WorkBright ATS so all other managers can read the responses.

Feature Highlight: Reportingtime-to-fill-report

Best in class reporting makes your HR team look like the rockstars you are and help your company stay compliant! Easily generate reports for:

WOTC Reporting | EEO & OFCCP Reporting | Applicant Log of Activities | Time-to-Fill Open Positions | Sources of Applications | Visitor Traffic | Application Drop-Off | Much, Much More!

Ready to Automate Your Application Process?

Sample Product Features



Push your open positions to over 500 job boards in a single click!

Push open positions to social media, state workforce sites, free and paid job boards and more! We can even help your employees share your job postings and pay out incentives!



Branded career pages for candidates to apply to open positions!

68% of job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs. Receive a branded, mobile responsive website that allows candidates to apply from any web device!



Specify custom criteria for automatic candidate scoring!

WorkBright ATS makes it easy for the cream of the crop to rise to the top with pre-specified, automated screening questions. Only candidates that pass your questions are passed along for review!



Give every manager a unique login to share candidate information!

Collaboration is key to hiring great candidates. We don't charge for the number of users so you can invite your whole team in on the process! Managers can even leave notes on their interview experience making group hiring a breeze.



Automatically send confirmation, rejection, job alerts and more!

On top of facilitating all regular communications with candidates, we also allow job seekers to sign up for job alerts on your career page so they are notified automatically of new open positions!



Once you've hired start onboarding with one click!

Integration to WorkBright digital onboarding allows you to send offer letters, select groups, and start the onboarding process the second you have selected your perfect candidate!