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In the competitive world of staffing and recruiting, the lifeblood for any staffing firm is its candidates. Balancing the fluctuating client candidate requirements are key to staying ahead.

There has been a lot of industry changes in recent years with more to come. For example virtual hiring is becoming the norm. The talent pool has shrunk for some organizations while it has expanded for others. There has also been a recent flux in talent requirements.

An ASA survey of more than 8,200 temporary and contract workers in the U.S. found that 40% are in jobs that require higher education and skills. In the world of commerce, change is the only constant. Those who cannot adapt, perish. Leading staffing firms are turning to technology to adapt quickly.

At WorkBright we have staffing firms using our onboarding software in many fields including engineering, information technology, construction, and hospitality to name a few. Technology adaptation is the hallmark of success across all leading staffing agencies.

One way staffing agencies are adapting is by pivoting to a focus on the candidate experience with faster and intuitive onboarding. While online recruiting has been around for years, streamlined virtual candidate onboarding is a new competitive edge for most agencies. While there are many challenges, agencies with an efficient, easy-to-use online onboarding platform have a significant advantage.

According to a report published by Glassdoor, “Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. Companies with weak onboarding programs lose the confidence of their candidates and are more likely to lose these individuals in the first year.”

Staffing Paperwork & Compliance Challenges – Technology is your friend

Staffing agencies with many clients face a unique set of challenges. Each customer may have their own specific paperwork or require custom offer letters. They may also have varied paperwork requirements depending on their locations and state-specific regulations. The tedious headaches of onboarding are amplified by the need to shorten the time between placement and start.

WorkBright Onboarding has reduced paperwork time per candidate by 83%

Onboarding paperwork can be time-consuming at best. If poorly managed, onboarding errors can leave you liable or at risk of compliance violations.  Depending on the size of your workforce, the number of clients, and the state regulations for each, the documentation and maintenance requirements could quickly become unmanageable. You shouldn’t feel unprepared for an audit of your HR files!

Checklist of commonly needed paperwork when onboarding a Candidate:

  • Background Check
  • W2 or W4 Form
  • Eligibility I-9 Form
  • Immunization Records
  • Contract Agreement
  • Auto Insurance
  • Proof of Licensure/Certification & Renewal or Expiration Dates (CPR  Certification, Drivers License)
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Screening
  • Skills Assessment Exams
  • Education Record
  • Reference Check
  • Signed Policy & Procedures
  • Signed Handbook
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Staffing Onboarding Software Advantages – Mobile and Easy

Companies that take advantage of technology by using staffing software designed to simplify candidate onboarding have a substantial competitive edge.

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WorkBright’s approach in designing our solution to help improve the process of onboarding new employees is focused on 3 main objectives:

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More Reasons To Love WorkBright

Applicant Tracking

  Post your open positions to hundreds of job boards

  Customize screening questions to filter applicants automatically

  Manage communication with applicants via text & email

E-Verify Integrated 

  Automatically transfer employee data after completing I-9

  Approved cases return completed case numbers in seconds

  Easily monitor status of all E-Verify cases from the WorkBright dashboard

Remote I-9

 OCR technology scans and transcribes identity documents

  Allow a third-party authorized representative sign Section 2

  100% Federally compliant with audit trail and timestamps

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