Staffing onboarding software for recruiters and agencies: streamline hiring and onboarding

Software to drive faster, better hiring


Software to drive faster, better hiring

Functionality to drive hiring conversion and speed

Deliver a faster, better candidate experience

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Integrated API

WorkBright’s developer-friendly functionality enables customizable integrations with your key systems. Move data in and out of your HR platforms at scale, with ease.

  • Push and pull data from WorkBright using JSON and standard HTTP calls.
  • Create custom workflows using webhooks.
  • Simple and secure authentication.
  • Helpful documentation and technical support options.
  • Automated processing that allows admins to focus on more important tasks.

We work with USA-based industries across the spectrum to drive large-scale hiring and onboarding. Help your clients scale up and down based on need and seasonality. WorkBright helps you get your clients the talent they need, when they need it.

  • Fully compliant remote onboarding: employees never have to set foot inside a physical office
  • Onboarding documents are completed, verified and approved online before the first day 
  • Onboarding a large group is simple with mass import capabilities
  • Set up an employee for remote onboarding in 1-2 minutes

Our embedded mode allows a seamless integration of the WorkBright platform into your existing mobile app- at no additional cost. 

  • White-label WorkBright to fit your brand identity.
  • Simplify experience for new hires with no need to log into an additional system.
  • No additional cost to utilize embedded mode.
  • Developer-friendly tools and documentation.

HR data should always be kept confidential. That’s why we focus so much on protecting customer data. To that end, we have built and implemented many of the same security and privacy controls used by top-tier financial institutions. We regularly re-evaluate and test our security measures to ensure we align with industry standards & best practices.

Our application is built and maintained entirely in­-house by our core Engineering Team. Outside vendors never have access to any part of our code, databases, or application infrastructure.

  • Encryption
  • App and systems security
  • Data backup
  • Audit logs and monitoring

Case studies of others using
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Avid4 Adventure gains multi-location, mobile access to onboard their staff from anywhere

Meet our growing fan club

WorkBright onboarding software reviews from HR professionals like you

Meet our growing fan club

WorkBright onboarding software reviews from HR professionals like you

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