Developer API

Seamlessly integrate WorkBright with other systems

Streamline Your HR Department Even Further

With WorkBright, you don’t have to ditch your other systems. Our developer-friendly API enables your technical team to integrate WorkBright into existing ATS, ERP, HRIS or Payroll systems.

  • Push and pull data from WorkBright using JSON and standard HTTP calls
  • Create custom workflows w/ webhooks
  • Simple and secure authentication schemes
  • Helpful documentation and technical support options

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Three great ways to use the WorkBright API

There are virtually unlimited ways to leverage our API for successful integration.
Here are three of the most common scenarios from our existing customers.


Whether it’s an off-the-shelf product or something home-grown, you can tap into our API to automatically move data from your ATS into WorkBright.


WorkBright supports universal export to numerous payroll systems, but if you’re tired of moving spreadsheets around, you can leverage our API to automatically transfer employee data into just about any modern payroll.


Although WorkBright is highly configurable out-of-the-box, there are times when you want to put your own unique spin on onboarding workflows. Using our API and the power of webhooks, you can do just that.