Remote I-9: Hiring Untethered.

Sayonara, Section 2 Headaches! WorkBright’s Remote I-9 enables your new hires to select an authorized representative to review their hiring documents and complete Section 2. No hiring admin or in-person meeting required! 

We worked with legal experts to develop a federally-compliant process, complete with detailed logs of times, geolocation, and IP address data to ensure complete audit trails. Remote I-9 also uses smart scanning to automatically fill in document information, avoiding common data error issues that slow down the hiring process. 

Join the only platform that enables 100% virtual onboarding. 


100% Compliant, 100% Remote I9

E-Verify Form I-9 for new hires EVERYWHERE.


Our Remote I-9 software solution is a web-based technology that allows new employees to complete 100% of their remote onboarding process without needing to be face-to-face with the company’s HR representative, and they can do it all from their phone. Remote I-9 removes the headache of managing the logistics of Form I-9 compliance requirements for remote hires by using secure technology to increase accuracy and automate the I9 verification and documentation process.

Watch the video and see how simple I9 verification is using WorkBright’s remote I 9 feature.

Featured in this video WorkBright CEO, David Secunda discusses product highlights including OCR and additional technologies that contribute to the powerful benefits of using the remote I 9 feature add-on to the WorkBright Onboarding Software.


Avoid inconsistencies when completing I9 Section 2 that are often only discovered during an internal I-9 audit processes. Our Remote I-9 uses OCR (optical character recognition) software to scan and transcribe identity verification documents to completes required fields on Form I-9 eliminating common data entry errors like incorrect passport number or document expiration date. The hire can then sign the electronic I-9 form with remote I9 verification using E-Verify.


Remote I-9 allows your hires to select a third party (friend, notary, etc.) to review documents and sign Section 2 of their I-9, removing the need for new employees to come into a corporate office or visit an authorized I-9 Agent. With our Federally-compliant Remote I9 software you can achieve a total HR paperless solution with 100% remote completion of onboarding paperwork before a new hire’s first day with an audit trail including timestamps, IP addresses, & phone numbers.

ABOLISH 1st day paperwork.

Remote I 9 Product Highlights


WorkBright developed the remote I 9 feature add on to the onboarding software in order to support the needs of our clients who were facing a quickly evolving distributed workforce and required a solution to simplify their process while increasing the compliance and accuracy of Form I-9.

Some Highlights of Remote I-9

  • Uses OCR (optical character recognition) software scans and transcribes identity verification documents and completes required fields on Form I-9
  • Eliminates common data entry errors like incorrect passport number or document expiration date
  • Provides verification of document validity
  • Allows your hires to select a third party (friend, notary, etc.) to review documents and sign Section 2 of their I-9, removing the need for new employees to come in to a corporate office
  • Enables 100% remote completion of onboarding paperwork before a new hire’s first day
  • Creates an audit trail including timestamps, IP addresses, & phone numbers
  • Is a 100% Federally-compliant process

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What is an I9 Authorized Representative?
An Authorized Representative acts on behalf of the employer to sign off on identity verification documents for Form I-9. This provision in the Form I-9 rules can be viewed in full on the USCIS website and allows the employer to designate anyone (except the new hire themselves) to review the I-9 form and identity documents, verify their authenticity to the best of their ability, and complete
Section 2 of the certification.
Who can be an Authorized Representative for I-9?
Can an Authorized Representative really be ANYONE?
Yes! The Department of Homeland Security does not require the Authorized Representative to have any particular qualifications, licensing, knowledge, experience or affiliation with the employer. That being said, we recognize your Organization may want to tighten this definition. So as part of our solution you can put forward custom requirements for who can act as an Authorized Representative for your Form I-9s.
Has DHS "approved" this specific solution?

The DHS policy is to never provide an official “stamp of approval” on a specific technology solution. However, we have meticulously designed our solution within DHS’s electronic I-9 specifications.

Form I9 Expert Attorney Eileen Scofield
Eileen Scofield - Listed in "The Best Lawyers in America" and "Who's Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers"

Additionally, WorkBright consulted with one of the leading I-9 attorneys in the country, with over 25 years of experience in immigration law to advise us during the development of Remote I-9 to assure that we would be above and beyond what is required for the Authorized Representative as well as the audit trail in case there is ever a question.


Attorney Eileen Scofield, spoke about this and our Remote I-9 solution specifically in a video where she explains the DHS compliance aspect in depth.

Could the system accommodate an ICE audit?
WorkBright maintains a comprehensive audit of all Form I-9 activities including timestamps, IP Addresses, phone numbers and more. ICE is very comfortable working with electronic systems and it can greatly help expedite the process as compared to paper forms.
What is the cost of Remote I-9?

Remote I-9 is currently only available as an add on to WorkBright’s core onboarding solution. It is priced base off the number of employees you plan to hire in 1 years time frame. To speak to us about a specific quote for your needs, Request a Remote I-9 Demonstration.