E-Verify Integration with I-9

Simplify the E-Verify process with intuitive onboarding software

Easily verify employment eligibility using E-Verify automation from within WorkBright’s employee onboarding software. Unlike other solutions, there is no need to manually input information into the E-Verify website.  Our software integrates seamlessly with the E-Verify process allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

Tap into the speed and accuracy of the E-Verify database managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to determine if a person is eligible to work as a U.S. Citizen with permanent residency or has a work visa. Streamline the eligibility verification process with E-Verify and the paperwork completion of Form I-9 virtually with WorkBright’s Remote I-9 module.

Join the only onboarding platform that enables 100% virtual employee verification. 

e verify i 9 integration mobile

100% Integration  –  100% Remote I-9  –  100% Compliant

E-Verify Form I-9 for new hires EFFORTLESSLY.

Integrated E-Verify speeds up hiring

  • Security: Tested and certified by E-Verify to comply with government standards
  • Safety: Eliminate data entry errors and time associated with information transfer
  • Simplicity: One login for all your employee onboarding processes
  • Efficiency: Save your team time and costs associated with manually using E-Verify
  • Insights: Get visibility into your entire staff’s status through our E-Verify dashboard

“How much time it saves me using E-Verify is invaluable, now I don’t have to enter employee information and  re-enter it into E-Verify as well!”

– Rachel Thompson,Human Resources Manager

E Verify integration testimonial

Streamlined E-Verify does the work for you.

  • Transfer data from an employee’s WorkBright profile to E-Verify with one click
  • Approved E-Verify cases return a completed E-Verify case number to your WorkBright employee profile
  • Unresolved E-Verify cases guide you through the steps required to resolve the case with the employee
  • Easily view the status of all your E-Verify cases from the E-Verify dashboard


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E-Verify I-9 Integrated: Here’s how it works.

Step One: Initiating Cases

Cases are initiated automatically when you complete section 2 of the I-9 (i.e. countersign) in WorkBright. You can do this individually or in Bulk.

Initiating Cases

Step 2: Wait for results to be returned to your account!

Cases and statuses will be almost immediately returned back to the employee’s WorkBright profile with Case #, status, and details on any next steps if relevant.

Case Information

E-Verify One-Sheet Overview

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e verify one sheet screenshot

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