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Virtual – Remote Onboarding

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Companies are finding that after moving to remote onboarding they are saving both money and time.

With a 100% remote onboarding process, your employees never have to set foot inside a physical office to complete their paperwork. Onboarding documents including Section 2 of Form I-9 are completed, verified, and approved online before their first day.

By using remote-enabled HR onboarding software, the complete onboarding process is managed virtually.

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Better 1st Days

no more paperwork headaches

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Remote onboarding set-up is easy

Quickly get your new hires rolling on all required paperwork.

The only employee information you need to get started is:

1 Email

2 First Name

3 Last Name

4 What Forms You Want Assigned

5 Start Date

bulk upload onboarding Set-up an employee for remote onboarding in 1-2 minutes!

Onboarding a large group of new hires at once is simple with bulk uploading thanks to our our mass import capabilities.

Top 7 Reasons Our Remote Onboarding Is The Solution Of Choice

Your staff trust you with their most sensitive data. If you’re currently collecting forms with personally identifiable information on it, you need a true remote onboarding software! We follow industry best practices against man-in-the-middle attacks, injection attacks, cross-site request forgery and much much more. For a full list of how we protect your employees data, visit our remote onboarding security page.

Since there aren’t many witnesses to a remote onboarding process, it is important that whatever software you select maintains comprehensive audit logs covering all user transactions, system access, and network operations. WorkBright’s remote onboarding monitors our infrastructure 24×7 and makes audit logs easily accessible to administrators to see when and by who a form was signed.

A typed “signature” in a generic font is not best practice for legal or federal forms that are required during a remote onboarding process. WorkBright utilizes best in class e-signature technology by fingertip on a smartphone or by mouse on a computer, making sure the signature on your forms looks the same as the employee’s pen signature.

Today’s modern workforce is connected to their smartphone and a good remote onboarding process will allow them to complete all paperwork, right from that same smartphone. WorkBright is not only ‘mobile-friendly’ but we designed it mobile FIRST so that all forms could be quickly and efficiently completed from any web-enabled device.

Since you won’t be in person to help a new employee through their paperwork, a remote onboarding solution should do two things to help with the accuracy of forms. First, it should incorporate field validation to help avoid errors up front. Next, if an employee does submit the wrong information, it should allow administrators to easily reject a form for correction before entering the permanent HR file.

In remote onboarding, the new employee is largely on their own for navigating your paperwork. So it should be very easy and clear what they need to complete. With WorkBright’s groups, the administrator easily assigns paperwork to a new employee and that employee ONLY sees the forms they need to fill out. Each form has an easy Start button to walk them through the process.

Remote onboarding can be completed before the employees first day of work. We help ensure they complete their paperwork by automatically sending them reminder emails for those forms that still need to be completed. Reminders increase in frequency as the start date approaches.

Did you know…
Remote onboarding isn’t just for remote employees

Remote Onboarding is the process of onboarding ANY employee without having to do it in person, the process is completed virtually using digital technology.

remote-onboard-anywhere When you search online for remote onboarding you will find a very broad spectrum of results and not surprisingly, usually related to managing virtual or remote employees. You will find topics covered about how to send hardware and company swag all the way to training management for remote teams.  Mixed in you may find a small section that actually discusses the tactical nuts and bolts of how to go about remotely onboarding an employee from an HR perspective with few answers. Oddly there is very little concrete information out there about how to manage the logistics of compliance and required onboarding paperwork virtually.

Many companies have recognized the cost and time saving benefits of being equipped to onboard all employees new-employee-remotely-onboarding (both virtual and non-virtual employees) remotely, having everything completed before their start date but have struggled to find a solution to manage the process easily while remaining compliant. WorkBright was designed to solve this problem using technology to creating a complaint,  easy to use and efficient online solution to facilitate  remote onboarding for any new or rehired employee.

Our 2 Must-Have Requirements For Effective Remote Onboarding

1.   A remote onboarding process should digitally facilitate all new hire paperwork.

    • Distribute, collect, and approve hiring forms digitally
    • Fill and sign documents from a phone, tablet or computer
    • Snap a picture and upload IDs and certifications from a phone
    • Entire process can be complete prior to start date of employee

2.   A remote onboarding process should be built for compliance and efficiency.

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WorkBright’s employee onboarding system was originally developed to fill a need of our clients to be able to onboard employees remotely. We consulted directly with their HR managers to understand their requirements and custom built our platform to solve their problem.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our client, Susan Johnson with BrightStar Care of Venice & Port Charlotte has to say…


“WorkBright is a laid back onboarding process in the comfort of your home! The pros are the flexibility of having candidates complete all documents at the comfort of their home. Professional, easy to read documents, access to the documents at any time without worrying about a lost document and an overall quicker onboarding process!”

Why Companies like yours have chosen Remote Onboarding with WorkBright

For Organizations that operate their business out of multiple locations or sites, often times the only reason for a new hire to visit a corporate office is to complete new hire paperwork and verify Form I-9 documentation. WorkBright’s 100% remote onboarding solutions can remove the need for new employees to visit your headquarters before starting their employment.


“We have in-processed up to 66 personnel (living across the world) at one time with one admin clerk from a satellite location. It is a one stop shop for in processing and document tracking.”

Phillip Rinaldo, President, MS2USA

Even if your office and/or business is open to in person interactions, it is still a best practice to reduce the amount of face-to-face exposure a new employee has in their first few weeks to keep them and your existing employees as safe as possible. If the only time your new employee would have to interact with your HR department is during the onboarding process, consider switching to a remote onboarding solution that can help limit these interactions.


“Remote onboarding requires new skills, capabilities, and processes. […] The only way to fast track onboarding and enable those workers to reach peak performance as soon as possible is to be very deliberate in developing a remote onboarding strategy.”

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Remote onboarding can be completed 100% before a new hire’s first day including error corrections and resolution. By collecting and reviewing all the employee’s new hire documentation in advance, you free yourself and the new employee up to focus on more important job training on day one and ensure they are ready to work with the right documentation and complete paperwork.


“WorkBright centralizes payroll which works really well for remote sites with limited storage. It allows staff to complete their paperwork prior to arriving to camp, which increases efficiency.”

– Hope Capps, Finance Administrator, NC United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries

Remote onboarding that is facilitated through a dedicated software like WorkBright eliminates duplicate data entry and makes the onboarding process easy for new hires. Profile information that is entered at the initial set up is populated on to all fields in forms which require that information. Error correction throughout the form completion process make sure the forms completed during remote onboarding are more accurate than traditional paper files.


“I really like the efficient process of onboarding with WorkBright. Employees enter personal information one time, in one place, and it populates all the forms. That sure beats entering a name and address over and over and over again. As a manager, I can onboard at multiple locations, and I can get my hands on employment documents immediately, in one place. Bravo!”

Mark Berger, Operations Manager, Toole’s Garage

For roles which require a lot of certifications and licensing, remote onboarding can reduce the amount of administrative overhead required to collect and audit these files. With WorkBright’s remote onboarding process, new employees can use their smart phones to snap pictures of these certifications and upload directly to their HR file. Administrators can report on documentation to check for expiration dates and reduce their risk of fines should an audit occur.

Remote-onboarding-testimonial-Mundelein-Parks “WorkBright has been a huge help for us. I manage almost 200 seasonal employees with only myself in a full time role, as well as a very part time Office Assistant. WorkBright has not only saved us time administratively, but has also improved the accuracy of employees completing their forms on their own time. Within a month of my department using WorkBright on our own, the rest of our Park District quickly saw the benefit and adopted it.”

Mike Gerton, Aquatics Supervisor, Mundelein Parks & Recreation District


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