Get back to managing people,
not paperwork


Gain visibility & confidence in the compliance of your I-9s & HR files.

With best-in-class security, automated field validation, document correction workflows and easily reportable employee information you can rest easy knowing your employee files are ready for a regulatory audit at any moment. No more checklists and filing cabinets!


Reclaim your email inbox from employee clutter.

Managing employee communications and forms via your email inbox (or even worse, the physical mail) is a security and organizational nightmare! Move all employee onboarding processes into WorkBright where a secure audit trail tracks every interaction.


Walks employees through their onboarding paperwork without hiccups.

Today’s workforce is changing and you may not look like the traditional employer of past decades. Our flexible solution works for full time, part time, seasonal, temp and on demand employees with specialized features like re-hiring! Only those forms needed for resubmission are required for a re-hired employee.






Connect with an onboarding specialist to get started

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Connect with an onboarding specialist to get started

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Work with the best in onboarding

Work with the best in onboarding

World class customer success team

“Personal” is the the word our customers use most often to describe our customer support. We provide a dedicated customer success consultant that knows you and knows onboarding – no offshore help centers here. We are committed to helping you get the most value out of your WorkBright system.

Peter Holter, Director of Customer Success WorkBright

Peter Holter
Director of Customer Success


WorkBright has really helped our business with onboarding efficiently. Our Account Manager is amazing! He always gets it done regardless of how menial the task. – Jade Martin · Data Integration Specialist · Shiftgig

Customer Service


WorkBright is designed to work the way your employees do – over mobile! Over 70% of new employees complete their paperwork over a mobile phone. Other “mobile- friendly” onboarding platforms can be challenging to navigate on a phone, but WorkBright was created from the ground up to be inclusive to all smart devices.

Ats Mobile Optimized

The system is easy to use and my guys in the field easily understand it. They are out in the field and are not computer savvy. We love the system. – Katie Feenstra · Payroll Administrator · Blue Iron


Quick implementation = Quick results

Onboard your first employee through WorkBright in as little as two weeks!

We handle the entire implementation process for you by taking your existing paperwork and converting it to a digital library of mobile-friendly forms. Our modern and intuitive interface and 1-on-1 training make it a breeze to learn the system.

With no limit on the amount of custom forms that can be created, our average customer sees a return on their investment in just 3 months.

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Fast Implementation

60 Day Money Back

We are so confident in the value of WorkBright that we are happy to offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee We know you will love it just like Donna W. and hundreds of others have!

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60 Day Money Back

We meet you where you are

Whether you are hiring 50 or 50,000, WorkBright offers service tiers for any size of business. We offer many of our premium features a la carté so you’re only charged for services that are relevant to your business.

Our API and data export features ensure we fit with both your existing and future infrastructure. Plus, our flexible platform allows for multiple hiring locations while maintaining centralized oversight.

We have in-processed up to 66 personnel (living across the world) at one time with one admin clerk from a satellite location. It is a one stop shop for in processing and document tracking. – Phillip R., President, MS2USA

Built For Scale

Built for the contingent workforce

Traditional onboarding solutions do not meet the needs of organizations that rapidly hire or have a large contingent workforce. WorkBright was designed specifically for those that hire more than 50 per year, or have contract, part-time or seasonal employees.

Our propietary re-hiring wizard allows you to bring back staff from season to season with ease – asking the employee to only complete those forms which are necessary for the new season. WorkBright can accommodate your increasing hiring needs without increasing your HR staff.

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Contingent / Seasonal