WorkBrights New Dazzling Dashboard!



Welcome To The New WorkBright Dashboard!

Monitoring the overall progress of your staff through the onboarding process can be a headache, and with so many time-sensitive actions, it’s especially important that you don’t waste time or miss important deadlines.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the fully rebuilt WorkBright Dashboard. The new dashboard was designed to highlight time-sensitive action-items and make it easier to visualize the onboarding progress for your staff at-a-glance.


Widget-Based System: The new dashboard is made up of widgets, each with a progress bar and color-coded statuses that represent the onboarding progress for all active staff members in your WorkBright account. Check out the new widgets below!



The alerts widget highlights your most time-sensitive action-items ensuring you don’t miss important deadlines like completing section 2 of the I-9. Alerts are divided between Needs Immediate Attention and Needs Attention so you can prioritize the most urgent actions.

Form I-9 Summary


This widget will show the completion status for all I-9s in your system–completeawaiting review of section 1 or 2, or missing/rejected/late.

Staff Progress Summary


Sign-in Activity – This gives you a breakdown of employees that have logged into their account in the WorkBright system and can help you identify staff that may need additional reminders or assistance completing their paperwork.

Required Forms – This shows you the overall completion status for required paperwork, with the proportions of staff that have completedstarted, and not started their required onboarding paperwork.

Required Internal Forms – Same as required forms widget above, but for internal forms.

E-Verify Summary


For customers using the WorkBright E-Verify module, this widget shows a breakdown of case statuses for your active staff. Click here for more information about WorkBright’s E-Verify module.

Coming Soon!

We have much more planned for the new dashboard and new features including a way to verify i9 remote, but wanted to let you know about one additional feature we’re working on:

Detailed View – Soon you will be able to click into the Staff Progress Summary widget for a more detailed list view of which staff members fall into each status.

Still Have Questions?

We hope the new dashboard makes it easier to manage your action-items and visualize the overall progress of your staff in the onboarding process!

If you have features you’d like to see, experience any issues or have questions about the new dashboard, please email [email protected] and we’d be happy to help.