#HRFail – Leaving for Ill Health Reasons



An announcement goes out to all employees announcing the retirement of one of the staff—“on ill health grounds.” Is it an HR fail?

YES! —These days, medical information is protected personal information for a variety of reasons, so even though the specific medical information isn’t being given out, we have to say yes. #HRfail.

How You Can Avoid This #HRFail

So what should you do to keep your workforce informed without giving out too much information? Here are a few tips to help you announce someone’s leave at work.

  1. annoucing-leave-at-work Stick to the Term “Voluntary” – First off, you want to let your employees know that it is a voluntary retirement, so they don’t start to fear a round of layoffs has begun. But that’s all you need to tell them. The person’s reason for leaving is their own business, and they can fill in those who they are close with if they choose to. You can simply say that they have taken retirement and wish them well. Another approach would be to offer to share a quote from the new retiree in the announcement that you will be sending out. That way they can choose to say as much, or as little, as they wish.
  2. Graciously Announce Departures – What if the person isn’t retiring, but leaving for a job with one of your competitors? You still want to be gracious and to the point. “We hate to see her go, but Mary has decided to move on, and her last day as (current position) will be November 18.” Something along those lines gets the message across, and remains pleasant and professional. If she is training a replacement, you could let your people know who will be taking over, and if you will be hiring, you can say that too. Maybe someone on your staff knows just the right person to hire for the job. As with all things HR, the key to avoiding this dreaded #HRFail is being polite and discrete.

For WorkBright Users

Did you know that you can easily ‘archive’ employees that may be leaving for an extended period of time? This functionality allows you to easily call up forms when the person returns without having to filter them out in all current employee reports during their leave. For help with this feature, contact [email protected].

If you’re not a current WorkBright user and are interested in learning more about getting rid of new hire paperwork in your office, request a free demonstration here.