5 Creative Ideas To Encourage Your Employees To Learn More


If you’ve been at any human resources related event in the last few years, you know how important learning and development is. We live in a complex world, and many of our jobs are ever-changing. We understand that the world of work is always morphing and we need our employees to keep up with the times. If your L&D department needs help ASAP, here are some creative ideas to encourage your employees to learn more.

1. Build An Office Library

If you want to encourage your employees to learn, you should start with the easiest tasks: reading. One of the easiest ways to learn is through personal development or self-help books. These are easy to purchase on Amazon or at your local bookstore. Go on the honor system for books being returned. Fill the shelves with popular self-help books or essential books in your industry.

Let Your Employees Contribute To The Library

If you want to make your library a bonding experience, let your employees contribute to the library. Ask your employees to donate a used book. In the front cover, encourage them to leave a note detailing why they love the book and how it helped them become a better person or worker.

Purchase Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions For The Office

Another great way to encourage office learning is by purchasing a Kindle Unlimited subscription for everyone in your office. Kindle Unlimited is an excellent service to offer your employees, and they don’t need a Kindle to take advantage of the offer. While this service provides more than personal development books, it has a large selection of books that will help your employees lead more productive lives.

Create An Office Book Club

For those who want to participate in more structured learning, offer a book club for your employees. You could meet every other month or once a quarter, so the book club isn’t a huge time commitment. Choose books that will help your employees with issues like time-management, productivity, habits, et cetera. Check out our article, “Best Books To Read as an HR Professional In 2019” for some ideas.

2. Let Your Employee Share One Thing They Learned This Week

We’ve all been through those boring meeting “get to know you” team bonding exercises. What if those exercises could be profound and insightful? Instead of asking your employees to share a fact, ask them about one thing they learned this week. Asking this question will get new and old employees alike thinking about what they can do to add more learning into their routines.

3. Give PTO In Exchange For Relevant Conference Notes

Do you pay for all or part of your employee’s conference expenses? Take that action to the next level by giving PTO in exchange for relevant conference notes. Giving a few hours of PTO on top of the experience of heading to a conference is a surefire way to help your employees take action on what they learn. Conferences can be overwhelming, but when you have actionable notes to look back on, you have a better way to implement what you learned.

Attending conferences gives us multiple positive outcomes. We can get our name out there, network with other companies, and best of all we can learn from others. These notes could help your entire company get practical takeaways from the conference, even if only one person attended.

4. Create A Slack Channel Devoted To Learning

Slack is a great way to communicate with your employees. Have you ever thought about using Slack to learn? A great way to do this is by creating a Slack channel devoted to learning. Create a room where all of your employees are free to share interesting articles, videos, and podcasts with the group.

If this gets a bit out of control, you may consider getting PaperBot. PaperBot is a Slack app that organizes all of the links in a room into an easy to understand digest. PaperBot organizes your best content based on what’s popular in the room. You can even build a reading list for things you want to revisit later.

5. Start A Scholarship Fund For Your Employees

Last, you may also want to create a scholarship fund to encourage employees to learn. This scholarship fund doesn’t have to be for traditional college courses. You may also set up a fund for certain online classes or certifications as well. Encouraging your employees to be lifelong learners can be challenging without the monetary power to back it up. A scholarship fund based on merit is a great way to encourage your employees to go back to school and sharpen their skills.

Let’s Recap: Learning At Work Doesn’t Have To Be Challenging

Learning and development is a hot topic in the human resources world. There are several creative ideas you can use to encourage your employees to learn. From building an office library to creating a scholarship fund, you can make learning fun. Investing in your employees’ future will make them more loyal to you and excited about their future with your company.