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  • What You Need To Know To Succeed With E-Verify


    Last week on the WorkBright blog, we published a piece titled, “Everything You Need To Know About Form I-9.” We shared all of our expertise about the form, violations for not filling out the form, and more. This week on the WorkBright blog, we are turning our attention to E-Verify, the latest iteration of form I-9. In today’s post, we’ll be answering important questions like: What is E-Verify? Are you required to use E-Verify?

  • Everything You Need To Know About Form I-9


    If you’ve been following the news cycle recently, you’d know that ICE raids in the workplace are happening more often. There was recently a big raid in Mississippi that made headlines. ICE audits are up 400% from the fiscal year 2017 to the fiscal year 2018. So, what does this mean for your business? As a company, you need to make sure that you are following federal regulations for employment.

  • How To Replace Yourself By Creating Future Company Leaders


    As a company leader, you may be searching for the next best thing. Who will replace you if you decide to move up in the company or move on to another career opportunity? You don’t want to leave your colleagues hanging once you choose to make a career move. Replacing yourself isn’t as challenging as you think, and we are going to share multiple ways to create a new crop of company leaders.

  • 3 Things All Well-Written Job Descriptions Have In Common


    In recent years, job descriptions have become somewhat meme-worthy. If you log on to social media on any given day, you see conversations about how outrageous job description requirements can get sometimes. We understand that to get the best employees we must write great job descriptions, but how do you do this without excluding too many people? Today, on the blog, we are going to chat about the three things all well-written job descriptions include so you can attract better candidates.

  • How To Improve Workplace Empathy Through Building Cross-Department Bonds


    Building workplace empathy can be challenging for business leaders. We all work in our little bubbles. We can create friendships with our immediate colleagues quickly, but it can be hard for someone in recruiting to understand things from the sales perspective. As businesses grow, these challenges can become even harder to grapple with. This divide leads to an office environment that can take you back to the cliquey nature of your adolescent years.

  • 5 Tips To Make Sure Your Employees Have The Best First Week At Work


    The first week of work can be challenging for employees. Being the new employee on the block is fantastic because it means you started a new job, but you also have a ton of new information to navigate. As an employer, it’s your job to make sure that the week goes as smoothly as possible. Keep reading for five things you can do to make sure that your employees have the best first week.

  • Should You Create A Summer Schedule For Your Office?


    The official start of summer is quickly approaching. As the days get longer, your employees want to spend more time away from their desks. Summer can be a distraction to your employees, especially if you try to go about business as usual. You could try to create a summer schedule for your workers, but that requires some attention to detail. Keep reading for some of our best tips and tricks on creating a summer work schedule.

  • How To Keep Your Company Values Aligned When Hiring Seasonal Workers


    At WorkBright, we know the challenges you may face hiring seasonal workers. You need to ramp up production, but you understand that seasonal workers are still an extension of your employer brand. How do you employ a ton of workers without sacrificing your company values? Do you have any room to be picky with seasonal workers? We think so! Today we wanted to share some of our best tips for keeping your company values aligned when hiring seasonal workers.

  • 5 Creative Ideas To Encourage Your Employees To Learn More


    If you’ve been at any human resources related event in the last few years, you know how important learning and development is. We live in a complex world, and many of our jobs are ever changing. We understand that the world of work is always morphing and we need our employees to keep up with the times. If your L&D department needs help ASAP, here are some creative ideas to encourage your employees to learn more.

  • The Best Tips For Creating Teams That Work Well


    Teamwork is an essential part of running any business. Whether you are talking about your team at large or the small committees and groups you create to get day-to-day projects done. We cannot do everything by ourselves. Leaning on the strengths of others in our office is key to company growth. Today’s blog is going to be dedicated to utilizing teams to produce brilliant work that propels your company forward.