HR Vocabulary: Millennial Mindset

Millennials (people born from about 1980 to the early 2000s) made big news a few years back with their impact on the marketplace, but it isn’t just their shopping that is affecting the economy. It’s also how they do business, and even where they choose to work.


toms-one-for-one-campaign The “millennial mindset” is a way of thinking that builds being socially conscious into all aspects of life. Millennials pay attention to where businesses spend their money and how they contribute to society as well as what the company sells. They prefer to buy from companies that have values similar to their own, and those are the companies they want to work for.

The millennial mindset doesn’t only encompass social concerns, though. It is a lifestyle that encompasses aspects as diverse as what they eat and the technology they use. This generation grew up with announcements of amazing technological developments coming on a daily basis, and they expect tech to be part of anything they do.

Why It Matters

Millennials expect their work environment to be consistent with the rest of their lives, and one of the ways businesses are changing to keep up with their demands is what’s referred to as “social HR.” The use of social media platforms for HR functions, especially recruitment, is becoming an expected norm.

You would be hard-pressed to find young professionals today who are willing to get information about their benefits by writing a letter and waiting a week or two for a reply. Email, text messaging, and internet access have conditioned this generation to expect near-instant access to information. For your company to be attractive to potential hires from the millennial demographic, you’ve got to be up with the times and using systems which give easy access to information and digital files will make this process a lot easier.

It’s also important to note that the millennial mindset is catching! Recent studies show that the 45-54 year-old demographic is rapidly adopting YouTube, Facebook, and other online platforms, and the older generation is no longer standoffish about tech, but fully embracing it.

accommodate-millennial-mindset How to accommodate the ‘Millennial Mindset’

Here are a few ways for your HR department to meet the expectations of millennials:

  • Provide online training that presents the info you need to convey in an interactive format, and tie it in with company values that millennials identify with.
  • Encourage employees to share company info on their social channels, let them be your “brand ambassadors.”
  • Utilize systems and apps that employees can access on their mobile phones to deliver training, reference material, and HR resources. By incorporating these suggestions, you will start building in the kind of tech that appeals to the millennial mindset, and make your company feel like a desirable place to work.

For WorkBright Users

You’re already on your way to being millennial approved by implementing our mobile-first, paperless onboarding system! When you are inviting new employees to onboard with our system, consider adding a line to your welcome email which highlights these facts and shows how socially conscious your company is. Next, remind employees throughout their lifecycle that their WorkBright account is also their digital filing cabinet so they can easily pull up their employee files and review information. Lastly, pat yourself on the back, you’ve got the millennial mindset!

Not a WorkBright user but want to take this first step towards having a millennial mindset? Request a free demo here.