Smart I-9 + E-Verify + Remote

Enhance WorkBright’s Smart I-9 with automated E-Verify and Remote I-9! Requst a demonstration to see how it works for YOUR Organization.

I-9 compliance is a major concern for all HR departments. WorkBright’s core Onboarding offering includes a Smart I-9 that is maintained and updated (at no cost to you) in compliance with federal mandates. 

What makes it so smart? 

  • Data validation to reduce employee data input errors
  • Photo upload of identity documents for capture and storage
  • Identity document upload assures they bring proper documents to work for validation
  • Fully electronic employee signature, and employer countersignature
  • Interview style questions assist employees in submitting the correct documents and info
  • I-9 Audit Report to easily identify expiring documents
  • Auto-filling of many fields based on government requirements
  • Employer Guide walks through countersignature process

With WorkBright’s automated E-Verify you can transfer data from an employee’s WorkBright profile to E-Verify with one click. 

Approved cases return a completed case number to your WorkBright employee profile. Unresolved cases use our built-in workflows to help resolve the case with the employee. You can easily view the status of all cases from your E-Verify dashboard. 

Why choose WorkBright’s E-Verify Module?

  • Tested and certified by E-Verify to comply with government standards.
  • Eliminate data entry errors and time associated with information transfer.
  • One login for all your employee onboarding processes.
  • Save your team time and costs associated with manually using E-Verify.
  • Get visibility into your entire staff’s status through our E-Verify dashboard.

How it Works

Step One: Initiating Cases

Cases are initiated automatically when you complete section 2 of the I-9 (i.e. countersign) in WorkBright. You can do this individually or in Bulk.

Step Two: Results returned to your account

Cases and statuses will be almost immediately returned back to the employees WorkBright profile with Case #, status, and details on any next steps if relevant.

Case Information

WorkBright’s Remote I-9 Module enables start-to-finish completion of Form I-9 before a new hire’s first day, including designation of a third-party to complete Section 2.

It also introduces new features to eliminate data entry errors and ensure legitimacy of identity documentation, all while maintaining federal compliance once COVID-19 deferrals are lifted.

Workflow Enhancements:

  • OCR (optical character recognition) software scans and transcribes identify verification documents and completes required fields on Form I-9
  • Eliminates time-consumptive admin resolution of common data entry errors like incorrect passport number or document expiration date
  • Allows your hires to select a third party (like a friend or family member) to countersign Section 2 of their I-9, eliminating repetitive and time-sensitive admin labor
  • Enables 100% remote completion of onboarding paperwork before a new hire’s first day
  • Complete I-9 Section 2 audit trail including timestamps, IP addresses, & phone numbers
  • 100% federally-compliant process