Background Checks: What you’re really getting!

We are excited to announce a new video blogging series called “The Bright Side of Human Resources” lead by our very own HR expert and CEO, David Secunda!

In this series, Dave will be tackling some of your most burning HR questions and some of the hot topics in our field. Check out our first video on Background Checks below and click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any great videos in the future!

Background Checks – What You’re Actually Getting vs. What You SHOULD Be Getting

Join David Secunda in his first edition of “The Bright Side of Human Resources” as he discusses best practices surrounding background checks and what you are really getting when you run a background check.

In this video, Dave will cover the pros and cons of 9 types of background checks including:

  • Database Checks (2:14)
  • Sexual Offender Database Check (2:54)
  • Driving Record Check (3:25)
  • Terrorism Watch List Check (3:50)
  • FBI Fingerprint Check (4:10)
  • County-Level Background Check (5:24)
  • Social Security & Address Verification (6:23)
  • State Level Background Check (7:30)