8 Great Places (That Are Not Job Boards) To Recruit Employees

increased-quality-of-hire-places-to-recruit Finding good employees is all about looking in the right places. Instead of sifting and sorting through job applications from people you wouldn’t hire in a million years, why don’t you switch up your hiring strategy? By focusing your recruitment efforts in the right places, you’ll attract the type of people that you ultimately want to hire.

When you post a job ad on major job boards, you’ll likely receive boatloads of job applications and while that can be a good thing, finding a quality applicant this way is like finding a four-leaf clover. Unless of course you have pre-screening questions built into your application process – but that’s a post for another time. To recruit good employees that you want to hire, you need to specifically target your ideal job candidate.

The Next Time You Have A Job Opening, Here Are 8 Great Places To Recruit Good Employees:

1. career-site Employee Referral Programs – Look around the office. The people you work with know all sorts of people – maybe even someone who is perfect for the job. Establish an employee referral program that rewards your team when they refer or recommend someone who is ultimately hired. WorkBright’s ATS can help you manage this process if you want to get this up and running, learn more here.

2. Social Media Recruiting – How’s your social following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube? The people who follow your company do so for a reason. Share job openings with this social audience of potential job seekers who already “like” you. If you want to learn more about getting this done, check out our free eBook on Recruiting with Social Media.

3. mobile-optimized Professional Organizations – Is there a professional organization associated with your industry? These can be great places to recruit your new talent. Tap into their newsletters, job boards, or magazines to reach professionals who are committed to your niche.

4. Networking Events – When you attend a networking event spread the word about current job openings at your company. The next person you meet might just be your next hire.

5. Your Current Team – The people you work with know your company better than anyone. You hired them for a reason. Always check internally to see if the ideal candidate is already on your team.

6. multiple-career-sites Company Career Site – Job seekers who actively want to work for your company will visit your company’s career site regularly. Utilize this online resource to post your job openings as it’s a fantastic place to recruit. If you don’t have a career site directly on your website, get one from WorkBright ATS here.

7. Talent Pool – During the hiring process, you are faced with tough decisions – like choosing between two candidates. Instead of cutting off communications with the person you chose not to hire, keep them in your talent pool. When a job they are qualified for opens up, let them know they should apply.

8. automated-job-alerts Niche Job Boards – Advertising job openings on niche job boards that are relevant to your industry is a smart way to reach your target audience. Take advantage of the targeted traffic that these niche job boards see daily. The hiring process is not about the quantity of job applications. It’s about finding quality job candidates that you want to hire. Focus your recruitment efforts in the right places and you’ll find the right people.

Ready To Take Your Hiring To The Next Level?

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