10 Ways To Make A New Hire Feel Welcome

The first day of a new job is always nerve-wracking. Everything is new and there is so much to learn and observe. As a hiring manager, it’s your job to ensure that things don’t become overwhelming or awkward for your newest team member. Providing a warm welcome on and BEFORE day one will set your new employee up for long-term success.

first-day-at-work The first day of work must be a positive and memorable experience. Proper preparation, clear communication, a little bit of hand-holding, and some one-on-one attention will help new hires have a smooth transition into their new job. Are you ready to give your new hires the warm welcome that they deserve?



Here Are 10 Ways To Make A New Hire Feel Welcome:

    • WorkBright-upload-paperwork Be Prepared – Get in touch with a new hire as soon as they accept the job offer. Using an employee-onboarding software system like WorkBright allows your employees to fill out all their paperwork before they come in on the first day making you and the new employee well prepared for training. Clear and regular communication is essential.
  • Get Excited – Show genuine enthusiasm that they will be a part of the team. Invite them to any employee Facebook groups or networking events before their first day!
  • Establish A Schedule – The first day is always busy. Let the new hire know what to expect. Will there be safety training? Orientation sessions? Always get the “boring” stuff out of the way ASAP.
  • Show Them Their Workspace – A new employee wants to see where they will work. Make sure their workspace is ready-to-go; include a goody bag with company swag for bonus points.
  • Introduce The Team – New hires need to know the names and recognize the faces of the people they will be working with. Introduce everyone and consider setting up 15-minute structured meet and greets for key personnel working within their team.
  • Give Them A Tour – A proper tour will give them the lay of the land. Hit all the major points (offices, game rooms, restrooms, kitchen, etc), but also dive into details too (like how to make coffee).
  • assign-a-mentor Assign A Mentor – Creating a mentor program or a buddy system is a great way to help new hires learn the ropes. It immediately gives them a personal connection where they can ask questions and get feedback.
  • Invite Them To Lunch – Lunch is a fantastic way to get to know your newest team member. This is prime time to show them that you are genuinely interested in their success.
  • Give Them A Task – Most new hires are itching to get to work. Give them a simple task that they can complete quickly and efficiently.
  • Tell Them What To Expect Next – Outline what the employee will do on a day-to-day basis so they are ready to get to work. A warm welcome on the first day of a new job will have a lasting impact. Every minute that you take out of your busy schedule to make a new hire feel welcome is time well spent.

Always be open to questions, concerns, or feedback during the transition. Remember that their success depends on you steering them in the right direction.

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