WorkBright Workplace: Boulder, CO

boulder-workbright-workplace Not a single one on the WorkBright team is originally from Boulder, or even Colorado, but somehow we all ended up in this beautiful, vibrant, technology mecca that we call home today. Find out why each of us loves calling Colorado home; or better yet, come visit to explore our great hometown yourself and make a quick trip to one of our favorite ski resorts – there are over 30!

david-workbright-workplace David Secunda

Originally From: Los Angeles, California

Moved to Colorado: In 1983 to go to CU

What Keeps Dave Here: It is the ultimate outdoor adventure hub, both recreationally and professionally.

Favorite Ski Resort: Ski Granby Ranch

peter-workbright-workplace Peter Holter

Originally From: Edina, Minnesota

Moved to Colorado: In 2004 to ski

What Keeps Peter Here: Mountain trails right out my door, great food, better weather, and of course WorkBright!

Favorite Ski Resort: Telluride

patrick-workbright-workplace Patrick Navarro

Originally From: Alvin, Texas

Moved to Colorado: In March of 2013 for my previous company and because it’s a beautiful place to work and live!

What Keeps Patrick Here: The relaxed lifestyle, mountain views, weather, and the tech community here is really hard to beat.

Favorite Ski Resort: Beaver Creek

chapelle-workbright-workplace Chapelle Ryon

Originally From: Redmond, Washington

Moved to Colorado: In 2005 to attend CU

What Keeps Chapelle Here: Coming from the Seattle area, the four seasons are a huge bonus. Plus the work-life-play balance and innovation in the Boulder area specifically.

Favorite Ski Resort: Back bowls at Vail