Sweeten The Job Offer With Perks And Benefits That Job Seekers Want

Today’s modern job seeker wants more than just a steady paycheck and job security. They are actively looking for a company with a cool employer brand, established company culture, and an attractive employee benefits and perks package.

If you want to recruit top talent, you need to offer perks and benefits. There’s no way around it. Just to be clear, benefits are non-wage compensation, while perks are nice add-ons. They make your company and your job openings more appealing. When you offer the perks and benefits that a job candidate wants, you’ll be able to make them a job offer that they can’t refuse.

Below is a list of employee benefits and perks that every job seeker wants:

  • Health Benefits – Everyone needs health insurance. Can your company subsidize the costs of healthcare for your entire team?
  • paid-time-off Paid Time Off – Do you offer vacation, sick days, and PTO? When employees can take a break, they’ll come back refreshed, relaxed, and refocused.
  • Retirement Plans – Planning for the future can be a challenge. A healthy 401K program is a big bonus.
  • Professional Development – Offer training and support to help your employees be the best that they can be.
  • Flexible and/or Remote Work Opportunities – Giving your employees the freedom to work flexible hours or telecommute will save money and boost productivity. Plus, it will increase employee satisfaction.
  • Employee Housing – Finding housing is always a struggle – especially for seasonal workers. Access to affordable housing is a huge benefit that every job seeker needs.
  • Tuition Reimbursement – Help to pay back student loans and your employees will stick around – especially job hoppers and millennials.
  • Deals And Discounts – It’s hard to turn down deals and discounts on gear and services. Help your employees get the things they need at professional rates.
  • pet-friendly-office Pet-Friendly Offices – No one wants to leave their pet locked up all day. Can you make your office pet friendly?
  • Niche-Specific Perks – Can your business provide ski passes, park passes, outerwear, paid travel, etc.? Workers always appreciated unique, industry-specific perks. When it comes to perks and benefits, the sky’s the limit. Some companies literally go over-the-top by offering pet sitting, free food, concierge services, childcare, unlimited vacation, wellness centers, growth opportunities, game centers, casual dress codes, stock options, and the list goes on. Anything that makes your company more appealing will also attract top talent. You can get creative with your perks as well! For example, do you only give bank holidays as time off to your employees? Consider giving employees a “roaming holiday” that they can use on any other “holiday” like their birthday, anniversary, or non-given holiday like Columbus day.

Put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes for a minute. Let’s say you were offered the same job and wage from two companies. One offered the perks and benefits listed above, but the other did not. Which job offer would you take? You’d be a fool to turn down the perks and benefits.

Perks and benefits are a game-changer when it comes to recruiting top talent. What perks and benefits will your company offer?

How Do You Currently Store And Communicate Your Employee Benefits And Perks?

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