The More the Merrier: Introducing the WorkBright Partner Program

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of a new Partner Program that will allow YOU to share in WorkBright’s success!

The Workbright Partner Program is a community-driven effort, sharing a portion of WorkBright’s revenue with the people that are out in the streets singing our praise and helping other companies go digital with their onboarding.

Workbright Partners have unique access to company insights, sales materials, affiliate banners, and direct access to the WorkBright Partnership team. Partners earn 20% revenue for any customers that they recommend and sign up to Workbright.

Know someone that would love Workbright? Or work with clients that could benefit from digital onboarding? Apply to Workbright’s Partner Program today!

WorkBright Partner Program FAQs

Who is the WorkBright Partner Program available to?

  • Organizations working with seasonal, contract, and temporary workforces
  • HR consultants looking to expand their service offerings
  • HR technology partners seeking an expanded platform & lead sharing
  • Product and service providers working with staffing agencies
  • Affiliates that want to earn big payouts on an increasingly sliding scale

What commission do WorkBright partners receive?

  • 20% for the first 12 months of the account

How does being a WorkBright partner benefit my business?

  • Provide more value to your clients by helping them:
    • Automate the new hire paperwork
    • Streamline their onboarding process and workflows
  • Ensure compliance and security across employee files
  • Generate additional revenue and increase average transaction value
  • Expand your current offerings and platform for increase customer retention

How do I sign up my clients for WorkBright?

  1. WorkBright partners receive their own fully customizable referral link
  2. Login to WorkBright’s partner portal and submit clients as a lead or customer Additional Program Benefits
  • No fees or upfront quotas – get started today for FREE!
  • Dedicated WorkBright partnership team available for premium support!