“Leading From The Front” podcast interview with David Secunda

WorkBright CEO and Founder, David Secunda was a recent guest on the podcast “Leading From The Front” where he spoke with Dr. Gary McGrath about leadership, company culture, employee onboarding and the beginnings of WorkBright.

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David Secunda – Leaping from Rock to Rock – Finding your Zone of Genius

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: #98 from the podcast “Leading From The Front”

dave-headshot-statement David Secunda found his Zone of Genius as a young Boy Scout jumping from rock to rock on one of his first hikes. While carrying a backpack he effortlessly bounded from rock to rock while others thought it was too hard to traverse. This experience and others lead him to become an Outward Bound leader and propel him into entrepreneurship. He served as CEO of three successful companies over 20 years before starting WorkBright. We discuss culture, hiring, and on-boarding employees…and many other important leadership topics in this insightful episode. David’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dsecunda 


ABOUT THE PODCAST: Leading From The Front

Leading-From-The Front-Podcast Leadership is a responsibility not a position…so what we need is more people with leadership skills and the capacity to have a voice of leadership when and where needed. We can learn a LOT about leadership from experienced leaders in business, non-profits, government and all industries. This podcast is intended to hear how experienced leaders developed their own brand of leadership and what others can do to develop leadership capabilities. Learning the difficult balancing act of effective leadership through compassionate accountability is at the core of this podcast. Listen to this episode on the podcast site HERE.