Everything You Need To Know About Form I-9 Reverification Post COVID-19 Relaxed Viewing Guidelines

Everything You Need To Know About Form I-9 Reverification Post COVID-19 Relaxed Viewing Guidelines

Have you been conducting virtual inspections of I-9 work authorization documents during the COVID-19 pandemic? We’ve got some important news to share with you. The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently made a change to the I-9 requirements in May 2023, and it’s something to pay attention to. 

So, what’s the scoop? The government has tightened up the requirements, and as a result, the physical review process for I-9 forms has been reinstated. What does this mean for employers? Well, it means that the reverification (or reconciliation, or remediation – despite its many names, rest easy – it’s the same process) of employees’ I-9 forms has now become mandatory. In other words, employers are now required to physically inspect all the documents for I-9 forms that were previously accepted virtually.

Simply put, if you’ve been using remote I-9 reverification for your employees’ I-9 forms since March 2020, you’ll need to go back and physically review the identification documents for each employee. It’s a bit of a process, but it is essential to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

For more information, see the USCIS webpage. 

What is I-9 Reverification?

As an employer, you’ll need to physically inspect and reconcile all virtually approved I-9 documents – make sure to carefully document dates and actions in the “Additional Information” section. 

For more information, download WorkBright’s I-9 reverification guide! 

6 Things You Should Know About Form I-9 Reverification

  1. You are required to go through the I-9 reverification process and physically inspect the documents of all employees who were previously reviewed virtually under the relaxed COVID-19 guidelines. 
  2. It is your responsibility as an employer to organize and facilitate the I-9 reverification process for your employees’ I-9 documents. 
  3. If an employee provides a different document than what was used during the remote I-9 reverification process, you must attach Section 2 of the new I-9 form to the previously used I-9 form. 
  4. If your employees are located in different geographical areas, you need to ensure that an Authorized Representative is present to physically verify their I-9 documents. 
  5. If the employee documentation is now expired, but at the time of original inspection was valid, the employee does not need to provide new documents
  6. As of now, the USCIS has not released an updated version of the I-9 form, even though it expired in 2022. During this interim period, until the new form is officially issued, it is advised that you should continue to use the previous format. 

When should I perform I-9 reverification?

Mark your calendars! The relaxed COVID-19 requirements are coming to an end on July 31, 2023, giving you a 30-day window to complete the reverification process. By August 30th, 2023, make sure all forms are thoroughly reevaluated to stay compliant. 

What does the employee need to show upon reverification?

In order to complete I-9 reverification process, the employee must provide their original I-9 form and Employment Eligibility Verification, along with any required supporting documentation. The name, date of birth, and photograph must match on each document.

A few scenarios may arise when dealing with reverifications:

High Level Metrics

Streamline Your Reverification Process with WorkBright’s I-9 Platform

Not sure where to start? WorkBright’s cutting-edge I-9 platform is your weapon to breeze through the I-9 reverification process with unrivaled efficiency, leaving behind the headaches and adopting a seamless solution. 

The Steps You’ll Take With WorkBright: 

  1. Add employee(s) to the system individually or through bulk import 
  2. Upload or bulk import the original I-9 for each employee 
  3. Bulk request a new I-9 for all employees who were virtually reviewed following the expiration of the COVID-19 relaxed guidelines. The employee will receive an email or text notification informing them that you are requesting a new I-9 
  4. Your employee will enter their information in our mobile-friendly workflow and proceed to Section 2, where they will identify an Authorized Representative to verify their work documents 
  5. Once the Authorized Representative is selected, they will receive a text message providing guidance on their responsibilities. Our I-9 technology ensures that the employee and the Authorized Representative are in the same place at the same time when completing Section 2
  6. Upon completion, the Admin should notate the New I-9 with the recommended language in the Additional Notes section to clarify the reason for the physical inspection

The audit trail will automatically be updated with all the necessary details required by the government, including date/time stamp, the person involved, and IP address. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of physical I-9 inspections and embrace the ease with WorkBright’s user-friendly features. Effortlessly handle the I-9 reverification process, ensure compliance, and reclaim valuable time.

Contact & Conclusion

Want to know more? We can’t wait to show you how we’ll streamline your I-9 reverification process! Request a demo, and WorkBright will guide you every step of the way! 

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