I-9 Enhanced with Section 3 and Preparer/Translator Workflows

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Expanded I-9 Capabilities in WorkBright

WorkBright now supports Section 3 and the Preparer/Translator sections of Form I-9, allowing you to handle additional hiring and administrative situations with ease. If you’re not familiar with these two lesser-utilized sections, let’s dig into the situations and processes behind each one, starting with I-9 Section 3. 

What is Section 3?

You may have heard I-9 Section 3 referred to informally as, “Reverification”, but it actually has three functions: Reverify Documentation, Rehire Staff, and Change Name.

  1. Reverification-screen
    WorkBright’s I-9 Section 3 Workflow

    Reverify Documentation: Aliens Authorized to Work use Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) to confirm their employment eligibility in the U.S. When their EAD documents expire, their employer must reverify their employment authorization by physically inspecting their new documents and completing Section 3. This never applies to U.S. Citizens or Non-citizen nationals: once their authorization has been completed, they remain authorized for the tenure of their employment. 

  2. Rehire Staff: If you hire a previous staff member back within 3 years, they can be reverified to work using a quick process in Section 3 instead of completing a new I-9. 
  3. Change Name: If an employee changes their legal name, Section 3 may be completed to maintain correct information on the form.  

For more specific guidance on Section 3, refer to the USCIS Employer Handbook.

How to Initiate Section 3 in WorkBright

From any I-9 submission page, a WorkBright administrator will have two options to initiate Section 3 workflows: Complete Section 3 or Reverify.

  1. Section screenshot
    Complete entire Section 3 or Reverify only

    Complete Section 3: This workflow encompasses any combination of the three functions listed above. For example, you could complete both a rehire and name change in a single submission. If using Reverification in this workflow, the WorkBright admin initiating the process will be completing a physical inspection of the employee’s EAD.  

  2. Reverify: In contrast to the admin-facilitated reverify above, this option allows an employee to reverify their EAD without meeting with a company representative. In this instance, WorkBright would instruct the employee to delegate a third-party to physically inspect their documents and complete Section 3. This is fast and convenient to facilitate, while also providing a complete audit trail and images of the EAD for administrative review in WorkBright. 

Preparer/Translator Section


An employee may require the assistance of a third-party to complete Form I-9 because of a language barrier, disability, complexity, or a variety of other reasons. The Preparer/Translator Section is used to record information about the third party that provided assistance completing Form I-9.

How To Utilize Preparer/Translator in WorkBright

During the Section 1 process, WorkBright will ask if the form was completed with the assistance of a preparer or translator. If yes, the preparer/translator will provide their name, address, and signature, which will be entered into the Preparer/Translator Section of the completed Form I-9. For more detail on the process in WorkBright, check out the knowledge base.

Not Using WorkBright I-9?

What makes WorkBright’s I-9 unique? Our three I-9 superpowers are speed, accuracy, and convenience. Here’s what makes our I-9 the best hiring tool on the market:

  1. Speed: Document scanning and autofill jumpstart the form for new employees and increase completion rate.
  2. Accuracy: Auto-correction and field validation eliminate errors that could cost thousands during an I-9 audit
  3. Convenience: Remote Section 2 allows your employee to delegate a third party to complete Section 2 without an office or notary, saving you admin time and money. 

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