Ready to Onboard?

Important information for employee’s looking to onboard with WorkBright!

Congratulations on your new position! We’ve posted some helpful Q&A below if you’re looking for assitance with your onboarding process. But before we jump in to that, let us explain a little bit about who we are in relation to your new employer…

WorkBright is the software company your new Company uses to facilitate the distribution and completion of your new hire paperwork. Traditionally, you would spend your first few hours at a new company filling out forms like your I-9 and W-4. Since your employer has chosen to use WorkBright, you can get all of that out of the way BEFORE you start so that you can focus on the important stuff like training when you go in for your first day of work! Awesome, right?!

We are not your HR department and will not be able to answer any questions about your new position, your employer, or specifics about your forms. What we CAN help you with are any technical difficulties your having with completing paperwork! See our FAQ below for some quick answers now.

How It Works:

  • You receive a welcome email from your new Company with your login information and a temporary password
  • Login to WorkBright to set your password and fill out your standard profile information
  • Once logged-in you will see the list of all forms you need to complete
  • Hit the orange “Start” button beside each form to complete your paperwork and submit it to your new employer
  • Once forms are complete, their status will either be complete or “pending review” until your new companies administrator has a chance to accept or reject the information you provided
  • Once everything is marked as complete you are all set and ready to start your new job!
Automated email reminders increase in intensity as the new hire start date approaches so employees come in on Day 1 with all new hire paperwork already completed! Employees can even use their smart device camera to take a photo of certifications and upload directly to you.
Field validation throughout the WorkBright platform ensures your files are already cleaner when they are submitted. If an error creeps through, you can easily reject the form and fire off an automatic notification to the employee to correct the error!
No need to staff up for mass hiring events or heavy onboarding periods! WorkBright allows you to upload employee information and deliver customized, digital paperwork in bulk to all new employees with the click of a few buttons. Reducing the time to onboard by up to 8x!
With best-in-class security, automated field validation, document correction workflows and easily reportable employee information you can rest easy knowing your employee files are ready for a regulatory audit at any moment. No more checklists and filing cabinets!
Managing employee communications and forms via your email inbox (or even worse, the physical mail) is a security and organizational nightmare! Move all employee onboarding processes into WorkBright where a secure audit trail tracks every interaction.
Today’s workforce is changing and you may not look like the traditional employer of past decades. Our flexible solution works for full time, part time, seasonal, temp and on demand employees! Plus, our mobile-first technology enables employees to complete forms from any smart device.

How is WorkBright Different?

World Class Customer Success Team

“Personal” is the the word our customers use most often to describe our customer support. We provide a dedicated customer success consultant that knows you and knows onboarding - no offshore help centers here. We are committed to helping you get the most value out of your WorkBright system.

Peter Holter
Customer Success, WorkBright

Mobile First

WorkBright is designed for mobile usage and that’s why over 70% of users interact that way with us. Your employees can quickly fill out forms when and where they need to before their first day of work. You will see the difference between WorkBright and other “mobile friendly” solutions is stark.

Quick Implementation = Quick Results

Onboard your first employee through WorkBright in as little as two weeks - and we handle the entire implementation process for you. Our modern and intuitive interface and 1-on-1 training make it a breeze to learn the system. Our average customer sees a return on their investment in just 3 months.

60 Day money back guarantee

We are so confident in the value of WorkBright that we are happy to put our money where our mouth is and offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. We know you will love it!

We meet you where you are

Whether you are hiring 50 or 50,000, WorkBright can scale to meet your specific needs while not overcharging you for unnecessary functionality. Our API and data export features ensure we fit with both your existing and future infrastructure. Plus, our flexible platform allows for multiple hiring locations while maintaining centralized oversight.

Stress free compliance

WorkBright is much more than a fillable PDF solution. With features such as data validation and pre-filled fields, WorkBright ensures forms are filled out quickly and completely.

Built for the contingent workforce

Traditional onboarding solutions do not meet the needs of organizations that rapidly hire or have a large contingent workforce. WorkBright was designed specifically for those that hire more than 50 per year, or have contract, part-time or seasonal employees. WorkBright can accommodate your increasing hiring needs without increasing your HR staff.