Covenant College gains an effective Remote I-9 and onboarding system

a WorkBright success story

Client: Covenant College

Industry: Higher Education

Hiring Type: Hires Continuously

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding students and staff efficiently with social distance protocols in mind.



How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Eliminated the need to scan hundreds of paper documents.
wht-2 Ensured students are eligible before they show up on their first work day.
wht-3 Built a system for quickly gathering information from 400+ students.

The Challenge

Covenant College, a private Christian liberal arts college based in Georgia, needed a new way of onboarding student workers, staff, and faculty. With the new school year starting and social distance protocols in mind, they wanted to ensure that their workers were supported and showing up to the campus after eligibility was determined.

“When I first came we still had large filing cabinets in the office.”

When Kyla joined the Covenant College family, they dealt with a paper-heavy process and large filing cabinets full of legacy documents. As the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to turn their existing process into a logistical nightmare, Kyla and the Covenant College team decided they needed to find a solution that could remove onboarding barriers and make it easier to verify I-9 documentation.

They needed a new system that was:

  1. Easy for students to understand.
  2. Quick to implement for their team.
  3. Built to handle 100% Remote I-9s.

The Results

By implementing our employee onboarding software, Covenant College created a virtual process that their students can quickly get the hang of. They don’t spend a ton of time explaining the system to their students (or faculty and staff!)

Sometimes students want onboarding done quickly, but once you get them to slow down and read instructions, it’s super easy. I’ve had a lot of feedback that students have used WorkBright before.

The Covenant College team was on a time crunch during their implementation process. Students would be on campus any day, and they didn’t have a ton of time to get students onboarded. Thankfully the WorkBright customer success team helped Kyla implement the solution quickly with a smooth implementation process.

I was promised a 5-8 day work turnaround and within three days my customer success manger had me ready to send out emails to all my students to start getting them onboarded.

When Covenant College was looking for a solution, having a Remote I-9 component was crucial. They looked at other vendors, but their solution to Remote I-9s didn’t seem all that convenient.

Out of all the vendors that we looked at, you are the only ones that truly utilize a Remote I-9 option. The other company that advertised it requires your employees to go to a third party location with their ID. Not only would that be time consuming and inconvenient, it would defeat our purpose of trying to help make the hiring process as quick and easy as possible.


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