How To Keep Your Company Values Aligned When Hiring Seasonal Workers

At WorkBright, we know the challenges you may face hiring seasonal workers. You need to ramp up production, but you understand that seasonal workers are still an extension of your employer brand. How do you employ a ton of workers without sacrificing your company values? Do you have any room to be picky with seasonal workers? We think so! Today we wanted to share some of our best tips for keeping your company values aligned when hiring seasonal workers.

Have Clear Company/Hiring Values

Before you hire seasonal employees, create a clear company/hiring values. You may have some values already in place, but it never hurts to go back over those values and what they mean to your company. If your company values integrity, how does that play out every day?

Hold Your Seasonal Workers To Those Values

Your seasonal workers are no different from your day-to-day employees. Your seasonal workers may even work for your company full-time one day. Make sure that your top values are expressed with your seasonal workers.

You may find yourself holding your seasonal workers to a slightly different standard than regular employees because they will only work with your company for a short period. You don’t want to hold your seasonal employees to an unnecessarily high standard, but you do want to make sure they align with your company at the most fundamental level.

Train Your Employees To Spot Values During The Applicant Journey

Now that you understand what company values your seasonal workers are held to, it’s time to train your recruiters. Recruiters should be able to spot the traits your company cares most about during the applicant journey. From reading over application submissions to interviews, you should be creating opportunities to understand your candidates and their values.

Focus On Creating A Standardized Applicant Journey

One of the best ways to get the most out of the applicant journey is making it standardized. You may dive deeper with specific candidates because they are more talkative or open. Overall, though, you want to give every applicant the chance to share their story. Create standardized questions on your applications, during interviews, et cetera. The only accurate way to compare candidates is if everyone is asked the same questions.

Offer Compensation That Attracts Quality Seasonal Workers

Chances are you value things like honesty, accountability, and passion. Those values come at a monetary cost. How can you expect your seasonal workers to be passionate when you pay them the minimum wage? You are asking someone to fight passionately for your brand while giving them the bare minimum in return.
What if you cannot afford to pay seasonal workers generously? Find other valuable compensation strategies like a clear path to full-time employment, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities. Your remote workers don’t expect the world from you, but implementing a few compensation strategies will help your company attract the best seasonal workers.

Focus On Onboarding Your Seasonal Workforce

At WorkBright, our bread and butter is creating an effective onboarding process for companies who need to hire a massive number of employees. Ramping up onboarding for seasonal workers can be stressful and may lead to you failing to uphold company values. For example, if you value timeliness, but your onboarding process takes forever, you aren’t showcasing an excellent model for your future workers.

You need an onboarding process that will grow with you. If you are looking for an onboarding system to meet your needs as you onboard seasonal workers, request a WorkBright demo! We can help you save time and money by automating the onboarding process.

Remember What Seasonal Workers Bring To The Table

Last, but not least, remember what seasonal workers bring to the table. Seasonal workers are essential to your operation because they help you meet the growing demands certain times put on your business. While having these workers around year-round wouldn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of things, having them matters now. Building connections with seasonal workers based on your company values is imperative to the success of your company.