Bellator Real Estate gains a system to onboard independent agents


a WorkBright success story

Client: Bellator Real Estate & Development

Industry: Real Estate

Hiring Type: Hires Continuously

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding independent agents across seven different offices.


How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Improved the process of getting agents the things they need to sell, like business cards and name tags.
wht-2 Reduced the number of requests to administrators for work documents, saving hours for those employees.
wht-3 Created a system to organize paperwork across offices, leaders, and departments.

The Challenge

Bellator Real Estate & Development is a real estate company representing buyers and sellers in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama. The company has seven offices, and they needed a way to onboard independent agents without relying on lots of scanning and administrator headaches.

“We didn’t really have an HR department for our independent contractors.”

Before WorkBright, paperwork at Bellator looked different for independent contractors. Each agent had to fill out 20-30 pages of documents. Office administrators worked with Amanda, the Operations Manager at Bellator, to scan these documents, but this proved difficult whenever a missing signature or initial was spotted.

They needed a new system that:

  1. Reduced the administrative burden for their offices.
  2. Helped streamline the onboarding process.
  3. Made it easy to pull and report information.

The Results

Before WorkBright, the onboarding process for agents was tough on agents, office administrators, and Bellator’s home office staff. With WorkBright, Bellator cut down on the information needed from administrators while getting paperwork directly to independent agents.

Instead of the admin and brokers from each office sending 20-30 pages of documents and trying to scan it all to me, they now send me one page of information to get the agents into WorkBright.

If you are looking to get agents onboarded quickly, WorkBright can help. Amanda shared how quickly agents are ready to sell or list houses, and they are even trained on all of Bellator’s tools within this time frame.

Agents can get their documents filled out, and we can do a lot of things in the background before ever meeting with them. We’re able to get them onboarded and out into the market to sell houses or list houses within one to two weeks.

WorkBright has some excellent reporting capabilities that administrators can use. Amanda has used these tools to save time manually entering data that the President and COO of her company needed to understand what’s happening in the business. Professional reports are only a couple of clicks away in WorkBright.

I used to manually enter in a spreadsheet when an agent came on board or left to give that information to the president and COO of the company. Now I can pull a professional report in WorkBright, instead of manually entering that data into Excel. WorkBright does it all for me.

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