5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Employees During The Holiday Season


As we wrap up the last few months of the year, it’s important to remember the employees who do so much for our company. There are many ways to show appreciation for your employees during the holiday season. We wanted to share five ways you could show your appreciation as we wrap up the year.

Have An Appropriate Amount Of Paid Days Off

Your employees want to enjoy time with their families. It doesn’t matter how enjoyable your employees find their jobs. As an employer, you have to understand their desires and provide adequate days off for each holiday.

Thanksgiving and Christmas make up one day of the year you need to provide adequate buffer time. If your employees want to travel to see their family, they shouldn’t feel rushed back to work.

Create A No Work Emails During The Holidays Policy

Another way to show appreciation during the holidays is by creating a “no work emails” policy during days off. If your employees are off, stop them from sending emails about work or checking their work emails. As an employer, you need to lead by example and refrain from sending work emails during the holidays. Set a specific period when you want your company to go dark on company emails and stick to it.

Take The Burden Of Holiday Spending Away From Your Employees

If you look at any lifestyle website or magazine during the holidays, you’ll see a plethora of articles around holiday overspending. Your employees want to make their family’s feel loved and appreciated during the holidays, so they may overspend on toys, food, or even travel to see their family. While it’s not your responsibility to ease all of your employee’s burdens, you can offer some relief during the holiday season.

To show your appreciation, you may want to offer something small like the central part of your employee’s holiday meal or a bonus they can spend on holiday shopping. You could also provide personal finance training on avoiding overspending during the holidays and setting up a holiday budget. Your young employees might find this training especially useful if this is their first year with a full-time job and they feel obliged to spoil their families during the holiday season.

Get Family Involved At Work With Holiday Parties And Other Functions

Getting your actual family involved with your work family is one of the coolest things ever. Host events for your employees that allow them to bring the people that matter most. Having holiday parties is a great way to learn more about your employees while showing them how grateful you are from them. Host some awards during the holiday party to make the night even more special. You can give away awards for things like:

  • Happiest Person In The Office
  • New Employee/Salesperson/HR Executive Of The Year
  • Most Likely To ______

You can make all the awards funny, or you can create a mix of fun and serious awards, depending on the connection you have with your employees.

Give Small Tokens Of Appreciation To Your Employees During The Holiday Season

Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts during the holiday season. You don’t have to give away luxurious gifts to your employees, consider small tokens of appreciation like:

  • Small gift cards for places like Starbucks or a local restaurant
  • Hot cocoa kits (A mug, hot cocoa packets, marshmallows, etc. all wrapped up)
  • Handmade items like scarves, gloves, hats, etc.
  • Thank you notes
  • A catered lunch

You can also do things like this year-round to show that you appreciate your employees throughout the year. Keep some small gift cards handy at your desk and offer these during the year to employees you see doing great work.

Say Thanks To Employees During The Holidays

No matter what you do to show appreciation to your employees, nothing beats a simple thank you. These simple words show more appreciation and gratitude, and employees don’t hear those words enough. When we talked about low-cost appreciation methods for seasonal and gig employees last year, these words also made it on the list.

You can be like the employer who handwrites 9,200 birthday cards a year to show his gratitude, or you can walk around your company and show your appreciation to anyone you run across. However you show your thankfulness, know that your employees will appreciate it.


Showing your appreciation during the holiday season isn’t as challenging as you think. With these ideas, you can show your appreciation, no matter your budget. As we close out the year, this is the perfect time to remind your employees how much they mean to your company.

What are your favorite ways to show employee appreciation?