Toole’s Garage gains an onboarding system to match their excellent reputation

a WorkBright success story

Client: Toole’s Garage

Industry: Auto Repair, Services

Hiring Type: Hires Continuously

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees across shops as the company expanded.



How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Reduced the time it took to get employee information.
wht-2 Created an easy system for sending employee documents.
wht-3 Built trust with new employees before their first day.

The Challenge

Toole’s Garage, a growing automotive repair shop based in California, needed a solution that could match their excellent reputation. With two locations, over 100 miles apart, Mark Berger needed a solution that could help him onboard efficiently as the company continued to grow.

“When I first started here, it was all paper.”

When Mark joined the Toole’s Garage family, they were using paper to handle the onboarding process. As the only person handling HR, he knew that there had to be a better way to deal with the growing cabinet of employee documents. When the shop expanded to another location, Mark tried other software solutions, but he quickly realized that he needed a system focused on employee onboarding.

They needed a new system that was:

  1. Well-designed for their employees.
  2. Cost-effective for their small business.
  3. Easy to implement and expand as they opened more shops.

The Results

By implementing our employee onboarding software, Toole’s Garage was able to gain a platform that speaks to the amazing customer experience they are building as a company. Toole’s Garage has over 1,400 positive reviews from customers across their two shops, and they needed a solution that would extend that experience for new employees.

“Our new employees get this really nifty onboarding experience that happens, and in 10 minutes, they’re done. It starts them off thinking, “This is not your regular run-of-the-mill shop.””

Mark and the Toole’s Garage team had tried a few tools before WorkBright, but they didn’t meet exactly what they were looking for. They needed a solution that helped them provide the solution they needed for new employees, eased travel between two shops for Mark, and didn’t break the bank in the process.

“For anybody who’s got anything split/separated, either a bunch of employees, a large company with a lot of hiring and firing, or more than one location, it’s definitely a great investment.”

WorkBright’s stellar customer service made it easy for the Toole’s Garage team to implement a digital onboarding solution quickly and easily. WorkBright is a great solution for your digital onboarding needs because our Customer Success reps work with you personally to take your onboarding paperwork and create it digitally. Mark saw this firsthand when getting started with WorkBright.

Within three or four days, we were looking at final stuff and making sure everything was ready to go live. I’ve continued to be super impressed with my rep and what she does to make WorkBright work for me.”


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