SOS Outreach gains an effective onboarding system for their growing nonprofit

a WorkBright success story

Client: SOS Outreach

Industry: Camp, Nonprofit

Hiring Type: Hires Seasonally

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees and mentors on the same platform.


How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Saved four hours weekly traveling to company headquarters. 
wht-2 Reduced onboarding by thirty minutes per employee/mentor.
wht-3 Created a system that would allow for easy reporting.

The Challenge

SOS Outreach is a growing nonprofit organization that delivers character and leadership for underserved youth to thrive through mentoring in the outdoors. SOS Outreach currently serves kids in 15 different locations across several states. They needed a system to help them onboard their employees and volunteers.

“It was just too much paperwork and not easily accessible.”

When Heather Rogers joined the SOS Outreach family, they were using paper files in a single location. The SOS Outreach team knew they’d need extra support to handle employees and mentors in different locations without depending too heavily on program managers. They needed a solution that could save time and resources while onboarding employees, contractors, and volunteers.

They needed a new system that was:

  1. Centrally-located and easily accessible.
  2. Great for employees and mentors.
  3. Easy to use when running reports for the company.

The Results

By implementing WorkBright, SOS Outreach created a central location for all their employee files, which became even more important during the current pandemic. Heather saves so much time and sanity while working from home because she doesn’t have to travel to headquarters every week to get onboarding paperwork started or grab employee files.

I’m located two-hours from our headquarters. I was driving there once a week, and that is four hours round trip. With WorkBright, I don’t have to drive there every time I need an employee file.

As a nonprofit organization, SOS Outreach needs to keep up with various employees, contractors, and volunteers. Through our remote onboarding platform, Heather can keep on top of various paperwork across multiple locations and even rehire workers during the various seasons of their business.

We are onboarding quite a bit every year, and it all comes at the same time. Cutting thirty minutes of onboarding per hire and using features like the rehire wizard are very helpful.

Reporting was essential for Heather and the SOS Outreach team. Heather uses WorkBright as she begins her day and uses our robust reporting tools to gain insight for her work and her colleagues.

Anytime our executive director contacts me and says, “Hey, I need to know how much everyone is making, it’s time to do salary increases.” I can quickly run those reports, send it over. It’s a one-stop shop.


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