Text Notifications To Improve Staff Onboarding Speed


BOULDER, CO, September 7 – PR Newswire – WorkBright, the digital onboarding platform for empowering people to get to work, today announced Text Notifications.

Text messages are a more visible and effective method of prompting staff to complete their onboarding tasks, and we’re excited to announce Text Notifications are now available in WorkBright!

With Text Notifications, WorkBright offers the perfect communication channel for concise, timely information in order to increase the speed of new hire onboarding. 

It’s a challenge to get new staff members to complete their onboarding paperwork in a timely manner, so WorkBright is improving the efficacy of staff communication with Text Notifications. Instead of verbal or email notifications, WorkBright can now send text messages prompting your staff to complete their WorkBright onboarding tasks. 

Text messaging is not new, but WorkBright’s approach is. Text Notifications nudge new workers at exactly the right time, responsive to compliance deadlines, and with increasing urgency if needed. All tasks are consolidated into concise messaging with deep links to support faster, easier and more enjoyable onboarding.

Industry research has shown that text messages are 5x more likely to be opened than email and have an average response time of just 90 seconds (versus 90 minutes for an email). Once the Text Notification option is displayed in Account settings, administrators can enable the option and WorkBright will automatically send all communication via text message directly to each staff’s preferred phone number. If a phone number is not provided, WorkBright will default to email communication. 


“We believe offering text messaging communication for today’s workforce will radically increase the speed and throughput of the worker onboarding.“ -Dave Secunda, CEO, WorkBright


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