ADP Workforce Now Integration

Transfer information with ease.

This data connector, for existing WorkBright clients, makes it easy to select data you want to transfer to your ADP® account to complete important tasks like running payroll.

Once this data connector is enabled on your account, use the WorkBright interface to create employees and send Federal W4 and payroll data to ADP Workforce Now. This integration is billed and contracted with your ADP account. 
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What does the Integration Include?

See exact fields, timing, and more integration details below

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Single Sign On

The WorkBright integration includes single sign-on (SSO) with ADP Workforce Now, so customers can use their ADP credentials to sign into WorkBright.

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Create Employees in ADP Workforce Now

Create new employees and send demographic data that was collected in the WorkBright profile to that new Staff members profile in ADP.

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Send Federal W4 Information

Send tax witholding information including filing status, deductions and more relevant Federal W4 data to the staff members profile.

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Send Payroll Information

Use WorkBright’s direct deposit fields or map an existing form to easily send account, routing information and other fields needed for running payroll.

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Read & Select Data from Your ADP Account

When adding staff in WorkBright you can select from multiple Company codes associated with your ADP account as well as select onboarding templates.

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Create Administrators in WorkBright

Easily send new administrators from ADP to create them in WorkBright. A master admin can review and upgrade them to administrator level in WorkBright.

Fields that Sync from WorkBright to ADP


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • SSN
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Address line 1
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Hire Date
  • Birthdate

Read Fields: 

  • Company Code
  • Onboarding Template

Federal W4: 

  • Federal Filing Status
  • Federal Dependents Amount
  • Other Income
  • Deductions
  • Extra Withholding
  • Exemption Status


  • Account type
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Pay Frequency
  • Pay Rate
  • Basis of Pay (Pay Rate Type)

Add To Your WorkBright Account

  1. Login to your WorkBright account and navigate to Settings in your top bar.
  2. Click ‘Integrations’ listed in the “Modules” section
  3. Click “ADP Workforce Now” and enter your email into the form to request the integration be turned on for your account.
  4. WorkBright will be automatically notified via that form and will turn on for your account.
  5. You will receive an email when it has been turned on and when you navigate back to that Integrations tab in your settings, you will now see the “Start Your ADP Integration” button to begin configuring your account.

Note: These instructions are for current users of both WorkBright & ADP Workforce Now. If you’re not a current customer and would like more information,  Request a Demonstration to get started!

Simplify and Automate Employee Onboarding

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The WorkBright connector has fees associated with ADP. This connector will be added at the rate listed below on your ADP contract.

ADP Workforce Now Connector Price: 

  • 0-500 Employees – $59/mo or $469/year (30% savings)
  • 501-1000 Employees – $159/mo or $1,336/year (30% savings)
  • 1000+ Employees – $249/mo or $2,092/year (30% savings)

Yes. Once you have configured the integration, each employee will be individually synced using the button featured to the right in the staff profile. This will give you a chance to review what the employee has submitted before sending the info to ADP Workforce Now.

Once you let us know (using the form in your WorkBright account as outlined above) we will turn on the integration in your account within 48 hours. You will receive an email letting you know that step is complete and then you will be directed to the wizard to complete your configuration.

Yes! We recommend using WorkBrights payroll fields as they include field level validation which will help ensure the right information gets set up. However, if you prefer to use a form you have used in the past, we can simply map those form fields to the integration in Step 3 of the configuration process.

Payroll Field Syncing

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