Industrial Threaded Products gains a mobile and compliant onboarding system


a WorkBright success story

Client: Industrial Threaded Products

Industry: Manufacturing

Hiring Type: Hires Continuously

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees while staying compliant and across different locations.


How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Reduced time spent onboarding to 3 minutes per employee.
wht-2 Created a system with 95% use by previously onboarded employees.
wht-3 Utilized a compliant, digital onboarding program for employees.

The Challenge

Industrial Threaded Products is a family-owned and operated manufacturing business based out of California. The company has three strategic locations and a single HR manager who is in charge of getting employees onboarded and helping the company stay compliant.

“I would have a raft of emails and scans coming through from other branches.”

Before WorkBright, Industrial Threaded Products had a largely paper-based onboarding program even though they had access to software for some of their onboarding needs.

Vanessa, the HR manager at Industrial Threaded Products, found that their system was too simple and didn’t allow for some of the customizations that the company needed. So, she’d spend hours updating templates, printing out forms, and scanning them so they’d have digital copies from various locations.

After some stressful moments bouncing around locations or worrying about system mishaps on vacation, Vanessa searched for a new onboarding system.

They needed a new system that was:

  1. Set up to store state-specific documents.
  2. Easy for workers to use (especially for I-9 documents.)
  3. Created to go beyond simple document signing.

The Results

The system that Industrial Threaded Products used before WorkBright didn’t allow for much customization. Vanessa couldn’t easily add state-specific forms and documents to her account, so she’d often have to get that portion of onboarding paperwork filled out on paper. It caused a lot of issues and created large employee files.

I was very paper-based using my past system. States want your onboarding system to be compliant, but my old system was generic. WorkBright allows me to add the right state-specific paperwork.

Many employees won’t be using a desktop to onboard. Mobile onboarding is such an important part of the process, and we built WorkBright to be mobile-first. When it comes to important documents like Form I-9, mobile compatibility is essential.

My old I-9 system was desktop use only. New employees would look at me strangely if I said, “Right, do you have a desktop?” WorkBright I-9s can be completed via mobile.

WorkBright goes beyond signing documents. When Vanessa first thought about a solution, she looked at document signing companies but decided to go with our product due to the improved experience and customer service.

WorkBright is five steps beyond a typical document signing company. I could upload documents, have forms made with my fields, send my forms, and depend on support from a customer success manager to make it happen.


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