Independence Township gains a helpful system for onboarding seasonal workers

a WorkBright success story

Client: Independence Township

Industry: Government

Hiring Type: Hires Seasonally

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees during seasonal hiring spikes.




How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Reduced onboarding time by 40 minutes per employee.
wht-2 Created a system for sending I-9 documents to E-Verify.
wht-3 Built an easier way to keep up with outstanding tasks.

The Challenge

Independence Township is a growing township of 40,000 people in Michigan. They needed help onboarding various seasonal and full-time employees, especially in their CAPRA (Commission For Accreditation Of Parks And Recreation Agencies) accredited Parks & Recreation department.

“Trying to hire 60 people within a month was difficult.”

With approximately 100 full-time staff and even more seasonal workers, Independence Township needed a platform to keep all of their workers and paperwork organized. As a township, they started using WorkBright to handle the influx of seasonal workers in the summer months but quickly realized the value of using WorkBright to onboard seasonal and full-time staff alike.

They needed a new system that was:

  1. Scalable for seasonal hires.
  2. Easy to use as a department of one.
  3. Accessible for new hires (before day one!)

The Results

By implementing WorkBright, Independence Township was able to quickly scale when they needed to. Thanks to their CAPRA-accredited Parks & Recreation department, Rachel Thompson and the Independence Township team regularly see large influxes of hiring in the spring to prepare for summer programs. WorkBright empowers the Independence Township team to onboard quickly during their seasonal cycles.

We have an influx in the spring, and you have to hire at such a pace. It accomplishes not only sending the paperwork but the follow-up as well. WorkBright makes it easier to hire seasonal employees.

Being a department of one isn’t easy, but it’s something that many HR professionals know all too well. Rachel is the sole HR professional as an HR manager at Independence Township. WorkBright helps her get more tasks done.

Saving my time when I’m only a department of one is pretty important. WorkBright helps me get that administrative stuff done. It helps me organize and figure out where I need to be.

If you give employees a stack of paperwork and one hour to read it, it probably won’t get read as thoroughly as you would like. WorkBright gives HR professionals like Rachel peace of mind because she knows that all of her new employees have ample time to read, review, and ask questions about paperwork before their first day of employment.

On their first day, they don’t have to spend the first hour filling out paperwork with me or going over things. They have ample time to read it prior to the start date of their employment.


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