2021 B-Corp Impact Summary

Certified B Corporation

A Note From Leadership

I’m so proud of the strong progress that we have made over this past year. It is a testament to each individual around the table as the distance traveled is 100% due to the great work of the team, as well as the great teamwork.

Thank you for reading! And, thank you for coming along on this journey with us.

David Secunda
Founder & CEO

2021 B-Corp Leaders

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of our 2021 BCorp Leaders. These employees owned the focus area, facilitated all progress, and created annual reporting. The tremendous progress we made this year would not have been possible without the dedicated work of these folks:

Gina Civic Engagement, Charitable Giving & Activism Leader
Clayton Employee Development Leader
Tony Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Leader
Connor Employee Engagement Leader
Dave P Supplier Relations Leader
Tracy Marketing Leader
Kelcie Health & Wellness Leader
David S Stakeholder Engagement Leader
Colin Environmental Management Leader
B Corp Leaders hands tree

WorkBright Guiding Principles

Our Core Values

Our Impact

As a certified B Corp, we are held accountable to balancing our purpose and profit as we consider our impacts on all of our stakeholders. This summary reports on our progress as we work to prioritize our purpose and become more socially and environmentally responsible. It provides updates on the specific impact we’ve had in 2021 on our customers & their staff, our team, our community, and the Planet. It will serve as the benchmark for subsequent annual reports so that we can measure our progress and continue to chart our path forward.

2021 KPIs

Customers & Their Staff
WorkBright Team


2021 Initiatives

Health & Wellness

For our monthly Wellness Challenges, instead of forming departmental teams, we aimed to break down those departmental walls and placed employees on teams with others that they don’t get a chance to work with everyday.

In September the challenge was to “Get Outside” and folks posted pictures of themselves outdoors throughout the month. This challenge was the most successful, as everyone really enjoys seeing pictures of their coworkers, loved ones, and fur babies having fun outside!

For our monthly Wellness Challenges, instead of forming departmental teams, we aimed to break down those departmental walls and placed employees on teams with others that they don’t get a chance to work with everyday.

In September the challenge was to “Get Outside” and folks posted pictures of themselves outdoors throughout the month. This challenge was the most successful, as everyone really enjoys seeing pictures of their coworkers, loved ones, and fur babies having fun outside!

outdoor7 1
outdoor1 crp
Stakeholder Engagement

In 2021 a Stakeholder Advisory Board was created consisting of 11 participants that included customers, employees, investors, board members, contractors, non-profit partners and HR industry experts. This is not a product advisory group, but rather a gathering to help us be the best corporate citizen possible, while at the same time providing members the most value and benefit. The group will help us think about long term issues of importance to each stakeholder. Things like HR regulatory changes, changing labor practices, and evolving social issues that will affect HR technology, were among the agenda topics.

The Board met two times via Zoom and additionally, two satisfaction chartsurveys were employed, creating a touchpoint each quarter.

Key survey areas included questions like, “Based on your relationship with WorkBright and your knowledge of what we do, please rank the following in terms of importance for WorkBright as a business”. Top 5 responses were:

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

We had a few successful company wide training sessions. The first, regarding Bystander Intervention, began with a webinar by Hollaback!. We then gathered as a company and reflected on learnings as well as participated in some breakout session roleplays. The second training addressed Conflict De- Escalation. Two staff members attended a professional development session on this topic then brought back what they learned and developed an in-house training. This training consisted of listening, discussion, scenarios, and breakout room focused roleplay/discussions. Participation was quite high in this session and was most evident in the interactive roleplay sessions.

We also participated in a DEIB (DIversity, Equity,Inclusion, and Belonging) extensive employee survey offered by MATH, one of our investors. Some highlights are that Inclusion, or feeling supported, valued and able to participate, was our highest scoring area, with a 92% favorability score. We also scored very highly in the diversity index overall, scoring a noteworthy 80% or above, in all areas.

Our 2021 JEDI goals
Employee Development

Employees were surveyed and 80% indicating the were “extremely” or “very” interested in periodic skill development opportunities, with the top results shown to the right.

100% of employees responding indicated they would be open to sharing their skills with other team members in a “Lunch and Learn” format.

interest 1
Supplier Relations

The objective in 2021 was to establish baseline numbers, then measure our progress against these numbers as we move forward. Our commitment is to support suppliers that are local, are minority owned, or are committed themselves to social and environmental causes. Here is our baseline:

supplier relations hand shake crp
Environmental Management

While it may sound counterintuitive to chop down trees to help our environment, a group of five Workbright staff volunteered their time with members of Boulder County Parks to do just that. On a plot of open-space land just outside of Nederland, Colorado, our team worked to remove new-growth pine trees in order to encourage the growth of aspen groves in the area.

The work is part of a long-standing initiative in the area to promote biodiversity while reducing burn risk in a fire-prone area. Overall, the team was able to make their way through a sizable swath of forest to ensure that another healthy aspen forest will thrive in the area.

environment bg

With 2021 being a complete year of remote work for the team, we leaned heavily on our staff to tally our carbon footprint. Workbright’s biggest carbon use came from the heating and cooling of our home offices, with travel being the other significant contributor. Overall, we produced a total of 17 tons of CO2 emissions, which is down significantly from 2020’s total of 40 tons due to less square footage in home offices. Workbright has partnered with NativeEnergy to offset our emissions through May Ranch, which prevents the conversion of 14,546 acres of native grasslands to crop-based agriculture or other activities.

Employee Engagement

Our goal was to work with managers and employees to ensure that WorkBright’s Core Values as expressed in the Employee Handbook, Code of Ethics, and B Corp Handbook are understood and adopted company-wide.

To this end, we launched a formal B Corp training as part of the new employee orientation process. In addition, we worked with department managers to promote cross-departmental training and created and promoted an application process for our annual Employee Personal Development Grant for an educational opportunity of their choosing. Here is our 2021 winner:


WorkBright averaged well over our 4.6 goal out of 6 in every Q12 result related to employee satisfaction. The lowest at 4.86 in Q4, was related to Workload, which has seen a downtrend the last few quarters and should be monitored.


Our marketing content was regularly reviewed to ensure it reflects our values for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI).

This past year we advocated for and promoted our company values through the website, job postings and social media.

On our website Careers page we added a section to highlight our company core values as well as our JEDI values.

diversity tweet
Civic Engagement, Charitable Giving & Activism

At WorkBright, we consider the needs of those around us, honoring them as people first, proudly serving one another, our customers & our community. In 2021 we continued to face challenges of in-person volunteering due to the pandemic.

We look back at the year and stand in celebration of the work we were still able to do, the flexibility to support our community virtually and the determination of our team members to continue to make a difference.

best gift is you 300
Charitable Partner

WorkBright has selected Bridge House as our 2021 to 2023 charitable partner. Bridge House provides a range of services and programs to support adults experiencing homelessness through supportive living situations, and job training in the culinary arts or landscaping.

Activity in 2021 limited to virtual and financial support which included:

giving back with bridge house
Employee Volunteering Time

Employees at WorkBright are encouraged to prioritize time to volunteer and are allotted 8 hours of paid time off each quarter to do so.

Even with the challenges of in person volunteer opportunities, the WorkBright team was able to make some great contributions to our communities with over 357 hours volunteered.

volunteer hours
Featured Volunteering Stories


That’s not all… our team also participated in online conversion of out-of-copyright books to digital format, foster parenting, serving a variety of meals, website support, creating safe spaces for the journey of faith, musical equipment set-up and donations, forestry cleanup, golf tournament coordination and more!

We Are Caring Peers

Our Caring Peer core value provides the opportunity for continued focus on considering the needs of those around us, honoring them as people first, proudly serving one another, our customers, & our community.

Using an online recognition platform our team has the ability to recognize and celebrate their peers using a variety of hashtags to highlight core value behavior. In 2021 over 281 recognitions were given amongst the team in recognition of exemplifying the qualities of a Caring Peer. The WorkBright team is consistently using this platform to recognize and in 2021, 11 out of 12 months saw 100% of our team receiving recognition.

caring peers heart graffiti
Workforce Advocacy
Workforce Advocacy webinars 300

WorkBright hosted several webinars in 2021 to discuss regulations that directly affected our customers and their workforces and provide opportunities for our customers to define policies and procedures.

We have become an established trusted guide around the remote completion of the Form I-9 while regulations have been ever changing during the pandemic. In addition, WorkBright responded to the COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandates by creating a product to support our customers in collecting required information while allowing employees to trust secure storage of this personal information.

Benchmarking for Future Impact

This Impact Summary also covers the challenges we faced and specific goals we have for the future. Our four impact areas will continue to guide our vision as a certified B Corp. As a team, we are thrilled with how much positive impact we have made so far, and we’re eager to improve and continue our impact journey.

Customers & Their Staff

Stakeholder Engagement

Create a new slate of 2022 Stakeholder Advisory Group members
Set up 1:1 deep dive interviews with each stakeholder and summarize learning into a document shared with the company

WorkBright Team


enivronment trees

Set clear home office square footage measurement standards to assure consistent reporting for our Carbon calculations.