Hospitality client gains peace of mind during an I-9 audit

a WorkBright success story

Client: Anonymous Hotel Client

Industry: Hospitality

Hiring Type: Hires Continuously



How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Worked with our team to share necessary I-9s with auditors.
wht-2 Built a helpful system to continually audit I-9s across states.
wht-3 Passed their I-9 audit with only a couple of correctable errors.

The Challenge

Whether it’s your first or tenth ICE audit, it can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking. As an HR professional, you are likely spending hours preparing for a potential government audit. Do you have the right software and people in place to handle an audit, should it arise? No matter how big or small, your business can be audited, and you have to have the right things in place.

“WorkBright allows us a lot more control over the quality of the I-9s.”

It’s easy to be scared of the I-9 audit process. Will you have all the information you need? Will the team be understanding? Our hospitality client had a positive experience with their auditor, passed their audit with only a few minor errors, and best of all: no fines. If you have the right internal systems and software in place, I-9 audits aren’t so scary. WorkBright provided that help for this hospitality client.

Here’s why WorkBright worked for them.

  1. Centrally-located for all their hotels.
  2. Easy to audit at the corporate level.
  3. Access to time stamps/audit trails.

The Results

By implementing WorkBright, our hospitality client was able to create a centralized location to handle and store all their employee documents. As the company expanded and grew across multiple states, this technology became pivotal for their company and the organization of the HR department.

“WorkBright is helpful because it provides a central storage system. We wanted a centralized, digital onboarding system so we could handle multiple states in all remote locations.”

Customer service is an essential part of how we do business at WorkBright. Since our client uses WorkBright to store a lot of personally identifiable information about employees, they wanted to be sure that the audit protected the data of their staff members.

“Our WorkBright rep helped brainstorm with us and figure out the mechanics of getting the most important information to our auditors while keeping our employees’ data safe.”

Audit trails are essential for successful I-9 audits. Having easy access to audit trails and time stamps allowed our hospitality client to shine and pass their I-9 inspection this year.

“WorkBright includes the date stamp on everything, so that helped. We were able to produce the date stamp on when things were corrected and when there were changes (if someone brought in a new ID or a passport or something like that.)”


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