10 Ways To Create A Healthier Workplace For Remote Workers

Are your team members struggling with mental and physical health while working from home? One of the downsides of working from home is the isolation that many people feel, especially if this is all new to you. Employees who were used to going to the office every day now struggle with motivation and excitement about work. Everyone wants to create a healthy workplace for remote workers.

There are some simple ways that you can prioritize mental and physical health while everyone is dealing with the current pandemic. Here are some fantastic strategies you can use throughout the year to help create a healthy workplace for remote workers.

1. Offer A Home Gym Stipend

Gyms aren’t a place for anyone right now. Gyms aren’t essential, so many are being closed across the country and the world. You can set up a gym at home, though. Offer a stipend for your remote workers to allow them to build a home gym, whether they want to buy weights or a treadmill.

2. Post A Workout Video Each Day For People Who Want To Workout

The internet is filled with free home workouts. Many trainers are also creating workouts specifically for use during the current pandemic. Last week we talked about using services like Slack to kick up the water cooler chat in your office. You can also create a channel devoted to physical health and working out. Post home workout YouTube videos you see in that Slack channel.

3. Livestream A Workout Class

Many companies have been using the power of live streaming to share workout and meditation classes with their employees and customers. Many fitness instructors are out of work right now due to gym closures. Partner with a local fitness instructor in your area to stream a workout class to your employees and customer base. When you use a local fitness instructor, you can support them and your employees/customers at once.

4. Get Everyone A Meditation App Subscription

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to reduce burnout with remote employees. In this post, we talked about offering work perks like meditation applications and therapy sessions. You can offer subscriptions to apps like Calm or Headspace. Encourage your employees to use these apps regularly by sending out reminders via Slack or however you communicate with your team.

5. Encourage Employees To Create Or Sustain A Morning Routine

If your employees are used to working in the office, they probably already have a morning routine. Encourage your employees to keep their working in the office routines or build a morning routine that works for them now that they work from home. A morning routine can ground your employees and help them start the day in a more peaceful way, which is great for their mental health.

6. Encourage Employees To Take Breaks And Get Outside (While Social Distancing)

While social distancing is essential, it doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. Encourage your employees to spend some time outside in the fresh air, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day. It’s easy to go stir-crazy if you stay in your apartment or house all day, and there is tons of scientific evidence around the importance of going outside.

To encourage your employees to go outside, you can inspire them to take a video of what it’s like outside where they live or have an outdoor meeting over Zoom. Get creative and see how you can encourage your employees to get outside while staying safe.

7. Check-In With Your Team Members Consistently

When you work in the office, it’s easy to swing by someone’s desk and ask them how they are doing. When you work from home, other people’s feelings can feel out of sight, out of mind. Make sure you are taking the time to check-in with your team members consistently. You don’t need to ask how they’re feeling every day, but check-in when appropriate, and let them know you are there to listen if they ever need anything.

8. Have Group Conversations About The Impact Of The Current Pandemic

When you are working from home, it can be easy to feel like your feelings are yours alone. One of the best things you can do to make people feel connected is to have conversations about the current state of the world. Knowing that someone feels and thinks like you will make you feel better. Set up a time before our during your next team meeting to talk about Covid-19 and the current pandemic everyone is facing. Keep it civil, but allow your employees to talk about what’s bothering them.

9. Give Out More Mental Health Days

As people are dealing with the impact of the current pandemic, a simple thing you can do is offer more mental health days. Give employees the power to take a day or two off to recharge and unplug during this insane time. While this will cause a dip in productivity while your employees are off the clock, they should hopefully return to work in a better state.

10. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Last but not least, encourage healthy eating habits with your employees. While a little snacking here and there never hurt anyone, it’s vital to make sure that your employees are mostly eating the right amount of food at the right time of the day. Many people are having different reactions to the current pandemic, some people are overeating, but some people aren’t eating nearly enough food. Encourage all of your employees to choose healthy eating habits. Help your employees talk to colleagues or a therapist about what’s causing them to eat unhealthily.

Conclusion: You Can Create A Healthy Workplace For Remote Workers

Mental and physical health is crucial for your employees right now. As an employer or manager, you can step in and get your employees on the right track. Poor mental and physical health manifests itself at work, and you should care for your employees’ health anyway. These simple tips can help you prioritize health at work and make your company a better place.