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I9-Checklist-download-Icon-250p The cost of an I-9 ICE audit can be substantial, not to mention the immense time and resources involved in managing the process. With such high stakes, it’s incredibly important to ensure your I-9s are free of correctable errors to minimize penalty exposure. 

Even if you have I-9 software, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a tool to cross check your I-9 procedures with and help ensure compliance? A handy quick reference I-9 checklist that’s super easy to read?

WorkBright has collaborated with employment law experts to develop a checklist of I-9 best practices for conducting an internal audit to ensure you’re ready in the case of an ICE audit. Of course, given the importance of this issue, we also recommend that you always work with your HR counsel or staff to sign off and assure that these are the right fit for your circumstances. 

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What’s Included in the I9 Checklist?


This three-page I9 audit checklist provides an easy-to-use guide for an internal I-9 audit, including two pages of printer-friendly checklists. The first page offers instructions, tips, and best-practices for a thorough internal I-9 audit. Some of the things you will find on this page include:

  1. What you need to prepare for an I9 audit, for example:
    • List of employees both hired and terminated
    • Copies of employee I-9 Forms
    • A log for you I-9 Audit 
  2. How often should you perform internal I9 audits & best practices
    • This covers best practices for timing your internal audits to ensure compliance.
  3. How long should you retain employee’s I-9 Forms
    • Did you know you can be held liable for errors on I-9s from inactive employees if you retain their I-9s? That’s one of the reasons it’s critical to know how long to retain I-9s for both active and inactive staff.

On the following two pages of the document, you will find printer friendly I-9 checklists. We have separated these into digestible sections so that it will be easy to look up what you need quickly.

The first checklist page includes a list of common errors to check for in each section of Form I-9. You will see it broken down for specific errors in I-9 Section One, I-9 Section Two, and I-9 Section Three.

The final page provides guidance on correcting Form I-9 errors. We’ll make it easy to understand who can correct errors and what process is needed to make compliant updates. It also includes checklists to help with more complex scenarios like correcting multiple I-9 errors, missing I-9 Forms and keeping an I-9 Audit log.

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