I-9 Audit Guide + Process Checklists

Identify and correct I-9 errors before they become fines

Minimize risk and ensure compliance in 2024

As penalties for Form I-9 errors continue to rise, it’s more critical than ever to ensure your I-9 process is compliant with USCIS regulations. That’s why we’ve collaborated with employment law experts to bring you an essential two-part guide for conducting an internal audit in 2024.

Download our free guide and checklists to:
  • Learn the three-step process for ensuring error-free and compliant I-9s
    Identify common errors and how to correct them
  • Optimize your I-9 process to mitigate future risks
  • Access printable checklists to streamline your audit process
  • Don’t risk costly fines and penalties – download our guide now and take control of your I-9 compliance!
I Audit Guide + Checklist in detail outlining the entire document

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What’s inside the guide?

Preview the essential content packed into our comprehensive I-9 audit guide and checklists. From a detailed three-part audit process to practical tips for optimizing your I-9 systems, this guide has everything you need to ensure compliance and minimize risk.

  • A three-part internal audit process to identify errors, make corrections, and optimize your process
  • Two printable audit checklists for identifying and correcting errors by section
  • Detailed explanations of substantive vs. technical errors
  • Guidance on who can correct errors in each section and how to document corrections properly
  • Tips for improving your I-9 systems, training, and tools
  • Plus, discover best practices for I-9 retention, purging, and managing missing forms.

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  • Securely store and manage I-9 files
  • Automate E-Verify processes
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Eliminate admin burden

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