I-9 Audit Checklist Free Download

Identify and correct I-9 errors before they become fines

Take the Worry Out of Your I-9s

Even a meticulous I-9 process allows some errors to slip through the cracks. WorkBright has collaborated with employment law experts on a checklist to identify and correct I-9 errors before they become costly penalties.

The Audit Checklist will guide you through an annual I-9 review, including documents needed, most common errors per section, and compliant correction processes.

Given the importance of this issue, we also recommend that you work with your HR counsel or staff to assure these are the right fit for your circumstances.

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I-9 Checklist Preview

The audit checklist provides a straightforward methodology for an internal I-9 audit. The first page offers a general process, instructions, and best-practices, including:

  • What documents and materials you need to collect in advance
  • How often should you perform internal I-9 audit
  • How long should you retain employees’ I-9 Forms

The second and third pages are printer-friendly and formatted to physically accompany your internal audit process. They help systematize the identification of common errors and compliant and properly documented corrections.

Remote I-9 Without Compromise

With the rise of remote work, more companies are searching for the best method to complete Form I-9 remotely. You may have considered verifying Section 2 documents via satellite office, notary, or video call, but each of these has shortcomings.

WorkBright offers a compliant and compromise free-solution. Instead of sending employees to a satellite office or notary, employees can complete Section 2 with a friend or family member. And unlike verifying documents on video, this physical-inspection method is permanently compliant and accompanied by an audit trail.

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