Build Custom Notification Workflows with Zapier


Enhance Efficiency with Custom Notifications

You can now use Zapier to trigger email notifications when certain events happen in WorkBright, allowing instant visibility for key hiring steps like completion of forms or an authorized representative signing Section 2.

Custom email notifications bring more transparency and efficiency to your onboarding process, minimizing downtime between hiring steps and eliminating the need to check the WorkBright dashboard for certain time-sensitive actions.

This creates significant new opportunities to optimize your hiring workflow, so let’s explore some of what is possible using this new functionality.

Use Cases and Benefits custom-workflow-example

  • Maximize Compliance – Ensure quick completion of time-sensitive actions (like approving Section 1 of Form I-9) by sending automated reminders
  • Holistic Workflows – Build automations to coordinate hiring efforts across departments, teams, or locations
  • Keep up Momentum – Ensure your hiring is always in motion by minimizing downtime between employee and organizational actions
  • Updates in Your Email – Instead of checking WorkBright’s dashboard for updates, a ping in your inbox will alert you it’s time to log back for next steps
  • External Visibility – Allow stakeholders without WorkBright accounts to receive relevant and timely updates about hiring

What Customization is Available?
When configuring your notification system, you’ll be in control of four things:

  1. Triggers: What event(s) trigger notifications (see triggers below)
  2. Recipients: What email(s) are alerted (one or multiple emails)
  3. Email Template: The subject line and body of each alert email
  4. Notification Frequency: Whether notifications come as separate alerts or a daily digest

Triggers are the criteria that will initiate an alert email, and this new system can be configured to monitor any or all of the following scenarios:

  • A specific form has been completed
  • All required forms have been completed
  • Section 1 of Form I-9 has been completed
  • All forms have been completed AND approved by an administrator
  • An administrator or authorized representative completes Section 2 of Form I-9
  • An employee updates standard profile fields (e.g. mailing address, phone number, name)
  • An internal form field has been updated by an administrator

You can configure as many separate alert workflows as you would like, but they must begin with one of the triggers listed above.


Each trigger will be configured with one or more pre-specified recipient emails. There are no restrictions on who can be notified, so stakeholders outside of your department or organization can be on the recipient list. For example, you could alert your I.T. department when an offer letter has been accepted so they can issue an employee laptop.

Each trigger corresponds to a specific email alert template. You can set up a static template, or customize them with information from the trigger step. For example, the subject line can dynamically input the name of the employee that submitted a form. You are also able to configure the sender of each alert email.

Notification Frequency
Email alerts can go out immediately when the trigger criteria is met, or can be summarized into a daily digest.

Setup & Cost
This process utilizes the integration platform, Zapier, and requires a paid plan to operate. If you’re already a Zapier user with at least a “Starter” plan, you can set this up on your own using our detailed setup guide.

If you’re not already a paid Zapier user and hire fewer than a thousand employees per year, it is most cost-effective to let WorkBright manage the notification system on your behalf through our corporate Zapier account. We’ll configure a custom system to meet your organization’s needs and pass along a small cost per notification workflow that’s cheaper than using an individual Zapier plan. And we take care of all the setup and maintenance for free.

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