Boy Scouts Of America – Denver gains more time and employee retention

a WorkBright success story

Client: Boy Scouts Of America – Denver Area Council

Industry: Camp

Hiring Type: Hires Seasonally

Primary Pain Point: Simplifying and digitizing onboarding paperwork for their organization.



How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Simplified Paperwork
wht-2 Enabled Employee File Reporting
wht-3 Created An Easier Way To Track Returning Employees

The Challenge

With over 200 seasonal employees being hired each year to staff their summer camp, Megan Houghton and the team at BSA-Denver chose WorkBright to replace their manual, paper-based onboarding process with a streamlined, digital process that has shaved days off of their auditing & onboarding workload.

Megan, a Para-Professional Member Specialist, described the employee onboarding process before WorkBright:

“Ridiculous amounts of paper cuts.”

The management team would go through every file at the start of the hiring season to identify returning staff for rehiring and/or create new files for each new employee. With over 200 seasonal staff each year, this process alone took over a week. In addition to making sure the staff files were complete and up to date, the team would manually transcribe key bits of information into spreadsheets so they could look up employee data. However, that process was time-consuming and not well maintained so digging into employee files was regular practice in the HR office at BSA-Denver.

The Results

Thanks to WorkBright the BSA-Denver team got back 2+ days historically spent on updating files. With WorkBright, BSA-Denver archives the past season and starts a new one each year. Any relevant files for rehired employees simply move forward to the new year.

Now that the onboarding process takes a fraction of the time to complete, the whole team sleeps better knowing the information in their files is as accurate as possible.

WorkBright has had a positive effect on the employees too! The staff loves that they can complete all paperwork online instead of having to physically submit forms. Plus, they can track progress from their own account!

“We were able to begin using WorkBright within 1 month of starting our account. Now, our onboarding process takes a fraction of the time it did before. The best part about WorkBright is that they are still changing and listening to what we need to make the system even better.”

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