Boulder Housing Partners gain happy employees and a killer culture kick off

a WorkBright success story

Client: Boulder Housing Partners

Industry: Construction

Hiring Type: Seasonal

Primary Pain Point: Managing many documents per employee/contractor



How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Automation
wht-2 Faster Open Enrollment
wht-3 Great Customer Service

The Challenge

BHP knew they needed their 50-page new hire paperwork packet to be administered digitally and were utilizing multiple workflows to get this done.

First, they had an add-on product from their payroll system that was meant to feed in & create a record. But the ‘onboarding module’ was an afterthought for the payroll company which had constant glitches and poor customer service. It was faster for the team to manually create the records which eliminated the efficiencies gained from the onboarding product.

“It was a full days work for our team to translate hand-written forms which was time consuming and left us exposed to errors.”

Second, they had a laborious open enrollment process which was completed by-hand and typed in to a spreadsheet by the HR staff. Not only was this a laborious task, it also left exposure for errors.

The Results

BHP gained an hour of training time per emplyee by having new employees fill out all forms before their first day, allowing the HR team more time to focus on training and orientation instead of explaining paperwork.

By having new employees complete open enrollment forms digitally, the BHP HR team has saved tons of time and eliminated the risk of errors on their end in addition to gaining a full work day of time.

The new workflow allows orientation to focus exclusively on values and culture, making new employees feel more welcome and better equipped to perform faster. They now enjoy having happier new employees and a killer culture kickoff.

“We were up and running in under 5 days and the feedback ever since then has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only are the forms completely automated, but workflows like I9 Countersignature are built in and our new employees (and our HR team) really love the automated email reminders that notify staff of what needs to be completed and when!”

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