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  • 5 Creative Ideas To Encourage Your Employees To Learn More


    If you’ve been at any human resources related event in the last few years, you know how important learning and development is. We live in a complex world, and many of our jobs are ever changing. We understand that the world of work is always morphing and we need our employees to keep up with the times. If your L&D department needs help ASAP, here are some creative ideas to encourage your employees to learn more.

  • The Best Tips For Creating Teams That Work Well


    Teamwork is an essential part of running any business. Whether you are talking about your team at large or the small committees and groups you create to get day-to-day projects done. We cannot do everything by ourselves. Leaning on the strengths of others in our office is key to company growth. Today’s blog is going to be dedicated to utilizing teams to produce brilliant work that propels your company forward.

  • How To Motivate Your Employees By Using Their Strengths


    Motivating your employees is proving to be more challenging than ever. Critical work needs to be done, and it can be challenging to meet your employees where they are. Is there a happy medium between giving employees work you know they can do and giving them new tasks to tackle? We think so! Let’s chat about how to motivate your employees by using their strengths. 1. Using Your Strengths Makes You Happier Before we delve into strengths talk, you may be wondering why it is so important to nurture your employee’s strengths.

  • 5 Meeting Hacks That Will Make Your Time Together More Productive


    Meetings can be a point of stress for many employees. Having a meeting breaks up the work day and makes it impossible for many employees to get work done. Have you ever had a meeting scheduled for 11 AM, but you finished your last task at 10:30 AM? What do you do with that 30 minutes you have to spare? Some people might work on a small job that takes less than 30 minutes, but what if you don’t have a task that fits in that window?

  • How To Create A Deeper Connection With Seasonal Employees


    Connecting with your temporary, seasonal workers can be a challenge for many employers. How do you connect with an employee that likely won’t be around in just a few months? We know that building the connection between you and your workers will make everyone’s experience better, but you cannot motivate seasonal workers the same way you motivate traditional employees. Today on the WorkBright blog, we are going to talk about what you need to do to create those connections.

  • Why You Should Create An Employee Mentorship Program


    Retaining workers is key to creating a stellar environment at work. Rampant turnover can directly impact employee morale. How do you create a company culture that keeps workers around? Well, it all starts with how you onboard employees. At WorkBright, we make it easy for you to do the paperwork related to onboarding. We make it seamless for your employees to fill out necessary documents on the go. While this part of onboarding is crucial, we know that we have to do more to make great employees stick.

  • How To Communicate With Your Remote Workers


    Including remote workers in day-to-day conversation can be difficult, especially if you have a headquarters or office space. Today, we wanted to share some tips for communicating with your remote workers so that you can build a welcoming environment for your employees across the country and the world. Take Extra Steps To Include Remote Workers Daily Remote work is a new phenomenon that is often difficult to understand for many employers/employees.

  • 5 Employee Perks That Will Incentivize Your Workers


    As employers, we have to consistently think about the perks and benefits that will serve our employees. Our employees matter, and if we want to stand out in a crowded workforce, we have to offer the incentives that our employees will find most useful. Today we are going to chat about five employee perks that will incentivize your workers, but creating an employee perk program takes effort on your part.

  • 4 Strategies To Follow To Reduce Stress In Your Office


    The work that we do on a day to day basis will not always be rosy. Often, we do things that push us to the limits, make us upset, or cause us to be stressed. What happens when a stressor becomes too much to handle, though? A small amount of stress for a short period can lead to workers kicking into high gear and getting things done. The problem comes because many employees aren’t able to manage their stress and create a more calm work environment for themselves.

  • Why You Should Stop Printing Your HR Files


    At WorkBright, we are all about serving our amazing clients and customers. Our software helps businesses with massive onboarding needs get paperwork submitted without the hassle of traditional paper documents. While our customers reap the benefits of digital files, we often get questions about printing our digital files once they are completed online. We understand that many businesses are used to this practice, but we wanted to share a few reasons why you should avoid printing your HR files.